25 June 2012

Fifth Anniversary at S4i Systems

Another anniversary has come and gone without fanfare. As I have done in the past, I completely forgot about my anniversary here at S4i Systems Inc and just now noticed - two weeks late. This last year has been quite the roller coaster, with a sudden jolt in the middle of it all. In particular, the last 8 months have been particularly trying for all of us here, but things seem to be leveling out and the high stress we've been experiencing has finally started to wane a little.
Being the "IT guy," I've been working hard fixing, upgrading and implementing new things to make the lives of my coworkers easier and the infrastructure more stable. In the last couple months alone I successfully deployed a hosted collaboration solution in our company and it is already showing promising returns. And throughout the past year, our development group has started to try new approaches to help us coordinate and become more effective, and I look forward to seeing the fruit of our labors. It feels very good to know that across the many concurrent projects that I have been working on here in the last year, things are starting to wrap up successfully and that they are being well-received.
I look forward to what the next year will bring, and am excited to see what I will learn. I know that there will be a number of difficulties along the way, but things seem to be accelerating, and it is exciting to know that I am a part of it all.

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