09 February 2012

Wake Up Call

So on my way into work today I was almost rear-ended by someone doing 40+ MPH on Ortega Highway near the Lookout Restaurant (see this map for where this whole event occurred).
In the windy roads just before the restaurant going eastbound, traffic had dead-stopped for some reason and I was at the end of the line of cars. A guy driving with a passenger (possibly a girl) in an older Jeep Cherokee zoomed up behind me and I guess didn't realize that we were stopped. He had to swerve out of the way into a set of bushes next to me to avoid hitting me and shoving my car into the car in front of me etc.
He and I were very lucky that he was able to swerve at a point in the road where there was room. Most of that windy part of the road is very narrow, and the east-bound side of that part of the road has guardrails. It just so happened that I was stopped near the driveway to a home that was for sale, and as a result, he had a little more room to avoid me than if I was less than 100ft from where I sat.
It definitely scared me a bit, especially since I was barely able to see what was going on behind me since the sun had created too much glare to clearly see who and what was coming up the road behind me. Its a good reminder for me that Ortega Highway can be a dangerous road and to constantly be vigilant.

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