17 January 2012

Windows 7 Taskbar Enhancement Request

Dear Microsoft,
I like the Windows 7 taskbar and have found it to be a huge improvement over previous iterations of the essential tool. The additions of Jump Lists has been a huge benefit and I use them frequently. However, for the numerous messaging applications that I have (email client, IM client, Twitter client, etc.), notifications of new messages is still using the antiquated technique of putting an icon into the notification tray. I think a better option would be to enhance the API for taskbar icons like you have with Jump Lists to provide little decorations on the task bar icon for notifications. Essentially, this:
would become something this mockup:
I think this unclutter my notifications tray, and I wouldn't miss notifications on new messages (especially when the "New Mail" icon in the notification tray ends up hidden). Skype currently does something like this, but only with the icon in the notification tray.


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