31 December 2011

2011: A Review

For the past few years, it has been a tradition of mine to spend part of New Year's Eve thinking back on what happened in the past year. I think about my personal and professional life, my relationships - friendships and otherwise - and the things that happened globally. And in keeping with my hypothesis that odd-numbered years are typically very significant for me, 2011 has continued to prove that hypothesis true. Though a lot has happened in the past year, for me, these have been the most notable:

  • Kittens!
    In May, Ashley & I adopted our two kittens, Dash & Violet. They've brought us great amounts of joy (when they aren't being little turds) and we hope to have many more great years with them.
  • Geekness!
    This past year I was able to level-up on my geek scale. I was finally able to attend my first W00tstock with Ashley and we had a great time!
    This pas year also saw our first vacation to Seattle for PAX Prime. It was my first PAX, and I hope it will certainly not be my last. Though my geek was showing way more than Ashley was used to, we had a really good time! Though the weather was great and the food better, the best part of it all was how friendly everyone was.
  • Paintballing
    This year I decided to join my uncle and take up paintballing as a hobby. This summer was the first time we'd gone, and though the weather was horrible, I had such a great time that I decided to buy a paintball marker so I had one each time my uncle & I decided to go.
  • Photography
    So, back in May, the point-and-shoot camera my parent's got me for one of my birthdays decided to die a horrendous death right in my hands. I didn't drop it or otherwise subject it to any harm, but it decided to kill itself anyway. To replace it, I finally bit the bullet on a DSLR and have opened my eyes to the world of amateur digital photography. I love my new DSLR, and have been actively learning new methods and techniques to take exciting and creative pictures. Thankfully, I'm not the only one in my family who decided to jump on the amateur photography bandwagon in my family, as several members of my family also took up photography as a hobby this year.
  • 15 Minutes of (Indirect) Fame!
    In October, I helped name Laura Massey's (a.k.a @lauralollipop of Microsoft Xbox/Major Nelson Podcast fame) Air Shark as "Walter," as a play on the "Free Willy" movie and an homage to Walter Bishop from Fringe (a geek reference). It was so well-received that she kept the name and has used it since. I was pretty proud of that - as little as it was.
This past year has really flown by! Reading all my past tweets and looking back on everything, it seemed like just yesterday when all this stuff happened to me. I can only hope that this next year slows down a bit so I can really enjoy life a bit more. Here's to 2012!

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