16 June 2011

4th Anniversary at S4i Systems

Well, unlike last year, I happened to remember my 4th anniversary working here at S4i Systems (albeit 2 days late). Although it does not seem like much, it is a fairly significant milestone for me and something that I'm quite proud of, especially since the past year has seen some significant changes for me here at work.
Firstly, during the past year I finally released the first public version of a huge project that I'd been working on for the past few years. I even released the first set of enhancements and bug fixes to it on my anniversary date, making it 2 releases within the last year! I'm quite proud of this accomplishment since there have been significant technological (and professional) hurdles that I had to overcome in order to complete what needed to be done. In fact, during the past year I've learned a substantial amount about Java, the Eclipse framework, the IBM iSeries (who, coincidentally, is celebrating their 100th birthday today), and a number of other Computer-Science-related concepts and techniques.
Secondly, the last year saw my first professional certification with Oracle on Java. Though I'd been writing software with it for over 3 years professionally, some requirements here at work required me to obtain a technical certificate, which I did! Again, I'm very proud of this accomplishment as it signifies that, yes, I do know what I'm talking about and am totally willing to learn new things.
Finally, I've been made responsible for basic IT infrastructure here at the office, and made significant infrastructure changes that I hope will help the company save money while providing the benefit of better scaling to accommodate future needs. It has been rough migrating to virtual machines, organizing files and trying to utilize Active Directory/LDAP for authentication and access across internal tooling but the reward has been a fairly stable environment.
Personally a lot has changed as well, but I will not dive into it here. I am proud to say that I've worked in the software industry professionally for 4 years, even if I've been writing code for over 16. Here's to another 4 prosperous and rewarding years!

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