08 May 2011

Yet another busy weekend

This past weekend has been one of the busiest weekends in recent memory, despite the fact that very little had been accomplished in regards to personal projects.
My weekend began on Friday, when my order for a refurbished Roomba that I bought for half its normal price on Woot was delivered. Excited by my newest gadget - erm, cleaning tool - I quickly opened the box, set up the charging dock and placed the Roomba in the charging dock for its first charge. Ashley & I left to go to the gym, then came back, dressed, and left again for dinner. We rented a few movies on our way back (The Switch, Due Date and World's Greatest Dad), and got home and settled in to watch a couple of our movies for the night. When we walked in, we noticed that the Roomba had finished charging and decided to let it it run for the first time. We were quite impressed with how well it cleaned the floor which, I will admit, was in need of a good cleaning anyway. I watched in fascination as it moved across the house, vacuuming up the little pieces of whatever on the floor, thinking "What an amazing future we've come to. I wonder what is next?" I thought back to when I was growing up watching cartoons after school, particularly when The Jetsons were on. I thought back to the house-cleaning robot that the Jetsons had and tried to remember what her name was. Memory failing me, I fired up Wikipedia and looked the show up, finding that her name was Rosie. I told Ashley that I'd decided to call our little robot Rosie. Despite it being quite the interesting addition to our household, it was nothing compared to what was in store for us the next day.
Saturday was an eventful day for us as we left early in the morning to Petsmart, where Ashley wanted to see the the pets that were going to be available for adoption that day. Since our time with Lily and the failure that was for us, we've wanted to try having a pet in our house again, hoping to redeem ourselves and use the knowledge we gained to truly provide a home for an animal, particularly a cat since Ashley has a strong fondness for them. Little did we know that what was in store for us.
We arrived at the store shortly after the Animal Rescue Kompany (A.R.K. for short - a clever and silly play on words) began setting up for the day. A lot of the animals had not yet arrived from their foster homes, and so we hung around the store for a while. Ashley caught wind from one of the volunteers that a litter of 5 kittens would be arriving at the store that day, and her reserve to stay there and see them was stronger than ever. I did not deny her. The kittens arrived about a half hour later and immediately captured our hearts. We decided to adopt 2 of them - a male and a female, and immediately began signing papers.
The kittens were 8 weeks old and were quite mild natured. They had the cutest meows (the male louder than the female, but both quite kind), and both took to us quite quickly. We noticed right away some of their personality traits, and decided to name the male Dash and the female Violet, after the two characters in Disney's The Incredibles, one of our favorite Disney movies. Dash, like his namesake, ran around a lot, was a little more feisty than his sister, was quite vocal, and was quite curious. Violet, like her namesake as well, was a bit more reserved and shy. And both like to fight with each other just as their characters in the movie did. It was a perfect fit.
The kittens took a majority of the day for us. I rearranged some of the wires behind our TV as I'd found that they tried to use that space to hide and I didn't want them there because of the chance that they could pull on the cords and knock something over and their fir getting sucked into our entertainment electronics. Ashley watched over them as they crawled into every little space, making us realize where our kitty-unfriendly places were. The whole ordeal was very much like childproofing a home. Of course, in our naivety, we thought that all the running around would tucker the little ones out, but alas, they were not and that night was spent waking up as they attacked me and my stuff on my side of the bed. That night we also had my best friend over and we all enjoyed ourselves as the kittens played and we talked about the different things that had happened to us since the last time we saw him.
Sunday was Mother's Day, and after my best friend left for his own mother's house, we situated our bathroom with the kittens' food, water and other amenities as we too left to meet with my own parents. That day, however, had its ups-and-downs.
Overall, despite the constantly moving around and the fact that, yet again, I had not been able to accomplish anything on my ever-expanding Todo list, the weekend was busy yet satisfying. It ended up becoming one of the most memorable weekends this year, and the start of our own little family.

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