08 May 2011

Mother's Day

Most of you probably know that today is Mother's Day, a day in which we honor our mothers for having put up with our time-consuming, infantile selves. Most years, Mother's Day for me goes without a hitch. This year, however, things were quite different.
This year, we did not make plans with my parents like we normally do - it simple slipped our minds. The morning of, we merely sent texts to each other on what we could do for brunch. After the initial suggestion of going to a cheap restaurant that I wouldn't consider a fancy place, I suggested instead to go to Mimi's Cafe. We all knew that being that it was Mother's Day, we would have to join the throngs of other people that shared the destination as their meal destination for the day as well. We agreed that it would be a nicer place to go and decided to meet at the restaurant at noon. It was at this point when things began to fall apart.
After waiting for nearly an hour for a table for our party of five, we were finally seated and given our abbreviated menu. We looked over the menu, and with disappointment, found that nothing really appealed to us. There were just far too little choices. After asking our waitress for the full menus, she very kindly replied that they could she could not bring out their full menu but would order anything that we already knew we wanted. Obviously not knowing what they had, I asked if they happened to have their full menu on the Internet, to which she knowingly smiled and replied that they in fact did. Ashley & I took out our phones and went to their website, handing our phones to my parents in hopes that we could all find something that we were interested in having. Unfortunately, nothing appealed to us and so, after having waited an hour to get a table, we resigned and paid for our drinks and left for another restaurant - The Manhattan Delicatessen. I was not pleased with myself for having left the restaurant without really ordering anything and apologized to our waitress, but she seemed to sincerely understand and did not seem offended - I left her a fairly sizable tip compared to what she had served us purely because she was quite patient with our indecision.
When we arrived, we noticed that, though there were a quite a few diners, they mentioned that they had a 30 minute wait though we noticed that they had several empty tables. We surmised that the reason for the delay wasn't so much the lack of tables as it was the lack of employees. We were finally seated after waiting and then moved to waiting for our waiter to take our drink orders, which luckily he promptly did. A older couple behind us, who I had noticed were there before our arrival, appeared visibly impatient. When the server went to check on them, the woman at the table sternly yet sarcastically asked what was taking their order so long. He replied that they only had 3 chefs and that they were all working as hard as they could to serve their customers.
After about 15 minutes of deciding, our server took our orders and returned to the kitchen. After about 30-45 minutes, we finally got our meals - and boy did we get them. They were gigantic, but we all were not very surprised as we had been to the restaurant before and knew of their generous portions. At last, after nearly 2 and a half hours, we had finally been able to have dinner.
The rest of the evening went fairly smoothly. After leaving The Manhattan, we visited my grandparents' house where the rest of my family had gathered and spent a few hours with them. After a while though, we had to leave so that Ashley could return to her homework and attend to our new family members.

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