09 April 2011

When a boy becomes a man

Dad: "Son, I think we should talk."
Son: "About what dad?"
Dad: "Well, there comes a point in every boy's life about when they become a man. I think you're old enough now to have 'The Talk'."
Son (uncomfortably): "Uh, okay."
Dad: "Well, there comes a point when a young boy finds himself, uh, enthralled, with, uh, things. Things they never really were interested in before. And during this time, they begin to, uh, experiment with things. I want to warn you, son."
Son: "Warn me of what dad?"
Dad: "Uh, well... of things that could both give you joy and potentially get you in big trouble. Son, I just want you to watch out. There are things that will make you, uh, wish you could unsee. Son, I want you to have this."
Son: "What is it?"
Dad: "Its a laptop, son. I think you're ready to use the Internet. Just be careful; I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did. I still have nightmares."

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