27 April 2011

On the Release of President Obama's Birth Certificate

So I walked into work this morning and was greeted by a number of tweets about President Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate being released to the media in an attempt to finally quell the incessantly annoying denunciations by so-called opposition "birthers." After doing a little research on the legitimacy of the story (no offense, Phillip DeFranco, but I still want to confirm stories from other sources), I confirmed that it had been released to the public - so the story of it being released was at least true. Finally, proof to stop the stupid screeching by the opposition to his Presidency that was founded on rumor. But I don't think that this is enough for these people. (continued after the break)
What bothers me about it is not that the President's birth certificate, in its fullest form, was released to quell the naysayers, but rather what I believe will be the inevitable reaction by them. It will unfortunately be the inevitable reaction that some, if not most, "birthers" will deny the legitimacy of the birth certificate and Obama's eligibility to be President, claiming that what was released had been forged. And it is this that angers me - there is no winning the argument. It is illogical of the "birthers" to demand to see the document, and upon seeing it, deny it and claim it as a forgery. At what point could you win the argument? With an argument like this, at no point could the argument ever been done. Some may even argue that had he shown the document earlier, maybe then they would certify and stop the argument, but knowing how these "birthers" argue, the same scenario would still apply. And that's unfortunate because it means that we would still be subjected to denial claims by these people.
All this stems from fanatical denial, that these people could not handle Obama becoming the President of the United States, and the sheer number of people who ardently believed in this is indicative of why the country can't run as smoothly as it probably could and just how many people can't handle change of any sort - clinging on to falsities in order to justify their opposition to something different.
It is this reason that I can sometimes be ashamed to be called an American alongside these other ridiculous people, and in these times of illogical opposition, conspiracy theorists and doomsayers, I often feel that this quote from Professor Farnsworth of Futurama is the most fitting to my feelings:
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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