01 April 2011

Contract Work

So, for the last few months I've been meeting with some people from a little-known government contractor called Cyberdine Systems to do some contract work on this new project they're working on called Skynet. We've been in negotiations for a while, and today I got word that my contractual work with them was approved. Despite it being a government defense project and details of how the system worked, they allowed me to talk a little bit about what I would be doing in a broad sense since some of the technology has already been in use. For instance, I learned that IBM's Watson was actually partly based on the advanced AI engine built by Cyberdine. The engine was licensed to IBM, where they were able to integrate the system as part of an problem-solving system, and connected it to the Internet for real-time and vast-information gathering. My role, on the other hand, is actually quite lower-key: I've been contracted to create a human-friendly user interface that government officials can use easily when the Skynet system is delivered and deployed.
I'm really excited to be able to work with Cyberdine Systems as a contractor, as it will help me gain even more knowledge in software engineering and, hopefully, help me at work in creating even better software!

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