05 April 2011

A bed, deacribed from a different point of view

Captain's log: live date 8.2011.3-5

I have discovered a foreign object in what I presume to be the giant's recharging quarters. It is a slightly raised monstrous rectangular object with what appears to be tapestry partially covering it. Its purpose is mysterious, as the giant lies on it during my normal waking hours and appears to recharge on it. I do not know how it works, but apparently its mystical powers are quite dangerous to our kind. I attempted to lay on it and found its surface quite fluffy and soft. I was compelled to lay on it, and soon regressed to when I was a child and began kneading it. Before long I was overcome with a mixture of comfort and lethargy, all the while moaning it deep content, and lost consciousness. Since my first encounter, I have found myself craving its mystical comfort at nearly all hours of the day.

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