05 January 2011

My Quest for Cinematic Entertainment

As part of my goals for this year, I've decided to compile a fairly comprehensive list of movies that I've never seen that were either very popular, interest me in some way, and/or are classics. Naively, I thought this list would be fairly small and I would be able to complete them all by year's end. However, after browsing through the first 100 pages of Amazon's Video-On-Demand service as well as briefly (though more restrictively) going through IMDB's Top 250 lists, I compiled a list that quickly ballooned to over 100 movies, which you can see after the break.
Originally, my plan was to watch at least 1 movie from the list each week, but with how many are on it, by the end of the year I would only complete about half of it, far short of my goal. More worrisome is the fact that I intended to complete the list using on-demand services such as Amazon's Video-On-Demand or YouTube Movies on my GoogleTV (Logitech Revue), but I have come to find that some of the movies on the list are not on either service, and with the disappearance of many video stores, getting the videos to watch may be difficult. Obviously, I would need to seek out cost-effective alternatives.
Currently, I do most of my new-release physical rentals through RedBox, especially when Blu-Ray rentals are only $1.50 per night its a steal. However, the RedBoxes do not have many older movies, which is obviously a problem. Although I have previously not wanted to sign up for Netflix, with the sheer volume of movies that I want to watch, it is now a more attractive money-saving service, especially since Amazon's Video-On-Demand has most of the movies for $2.99 per night (occasionally movies are on special for $0.99, such as was the case for "Eat, Pray, Love" yesterday).
So, as I write this, I call for the help from my friends and family: please help me "culture myself." If you have any of the movies on the list, please let me know. I would like to borrow some of them so that I can save myself money, time, and frustration trying to get them all. Thank you!

Click here for the epic movie list! (Please note that I've already seen some movies like The Naked Gun, but want to see them again since either I enjoy it or Ashley hasn't seen them yet)

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