12 December 2010

A Conversation Over Dinner

Over dinner tonight, Ashley and I were talking about different things and somehow we came across the subject of our childhood and how we used to watch VHS tapes. We talked about how we would have to rewind the tapes before returning them to the rental store ("Be kind, rewind" was printed on a label on many of them). Ashley mentioned that while she was pretty young, her dad bought a Laserdisc player. She mentioned that how she used to get pretty frustrated at the player because, being young, she did't quite know which side of the Laserdisc had to be facing the ground when she put it into the player. When she got it wrong, she described a little overturned turtle with a Laserdisc for a body appearing on the screen. Though she thought it was cute, she used to get angry at it because she imagined it had a condescending smiling face and said "Hahaha, you put it in upside down, dumbass!" I had never had a Laserdisc player growing up, and the way Ashley described the way she imagined the turtle had me laughing pretty hard at the table.
With a bit of curiousity, I looked up the turtle that she described using the new Viewsonic G-Tablet she got me for my birthday/Christmas, knowing that someone out there had probably taken pictures of it. Sure enough someone did, and I found the picture above. In fact, it even had a brief mention in Wikipedia for Pioneer's players' uniqueness for adding the graphic, where other manufacturers didn't. I showed her the picture and she immediately recognized it, saying "Oh my God! That's it! I hate that f***ing turtle! Why did you show me that?! Now its going to haunt my dreams!" All I could do was laugh. :)

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