15 September 2010

Terrible Tuesday

Many people believe that Mondays are the worst day of the week, and for some it is. For most, it marks the end of the weekend and the beginning of the work week. However, a recent study based on information obtained by blogs and other social networking sites concluded that the worst day of the week based on content actually appeared to be on Wednesday. But, based on a number of comments to articles, other blogs and responses that I've seen so far, including one Telegraph article, Tuesdays are, in the matters of opinion, the worst day of the week. After the events of yesterday, I would have to agree.
Have you ever had one of those mornings where you just know things aren't going to go so well based on things that have already happened early that day? Well, Tuesday was like that for me. First off, I left later than normal, which was entirely my fault and wasn't too problematic in-and-of-itself. However, a short time after I hit the road to work, it became apparent that things were not going to be smooth that day. For the last few weeks, the county has been resurfacing the road (slurry seal), and as a result, they've had to close down a part of the road so that only one lane of traffic could go through. In weeks past, this hasn't been too much of an issue since the traffic backup usually wasn't too long, but on this particular day it was much longer than normal. In fact, I had to wait through 2 cycles of being stopped, which put me significantly behind. But, thankfully, once I did get through, it was relatively traffic-less drive to the office. But then, things got difficult again.
I arrived at the office approximately 30 minutes late, but immediately went to my desk, turned my workstation on, and began retrieving my office emails. Only about 5 or 6 emails appeared, which was nice since 2 or 3 of them were spam, and the other three had legitimate business. Seeing the subject line of two of the emails, I cringed a little, apprehensive to see their contents. At this point I should probably give a little backstory:
In the last week or so, I've been tasked with migrating services and files off an aging Windows server to two of our other Windows servers. Though our network setup had been relatively stable for some time, despite its disarray from those who managed it before me, we had planned to, at some point, decommission the server, but it was a low priority and was almost completely forgotten. On Tuesday of last week, out-of-the-blue, our in-house email server went on the fritz and we were forced to move it to another server since nobody could send or receive emails. Seeing this as a sign of impending doom for the eldest server, we resolved that we would need to expedite the migration of the services that it provided, and I was tasked with making the writing up the plans for migration and network reconfiguration.
Well, I had given a first draft of the plan to everyone, and now needed to refine the plan according to input received by the rest of the technical team here in the office. I had (finally) opened a discussion channel, and we had been exchanging comments, suggestions and concerns via email. Well, this two emails that I had received that morning concerned me for some reason, and after opening them, my reactions were justified. After planning to move a public FTP server from Windows hosted to a Linux server appliance and our source code repositories to another native Linux server appliance, I was suddenly met with resistance by my superiors with the move to Linux. Obviously, for cost-effectiveness sake, I did not agree and knew that presenting my case and winning their favor for the move despite their apprehension and resistance in learning a new platform was going to be the challenge for the day. And so it was... all... day... long...
Eventually, the time came for me to leave, and left I did. I began to head home where my family would be joining Ashley & I for a "breakfast-for-dinner" dinner, and where I would be able to pick up and play Halo: Reach. I was also told, that I would need to pick up some milk on the way home, and resolved to pick up the milk, exchange it for the paperwork that would be needed to pick up the game from Best Buy, head to Best Buy and pick up the game before returning home. All this seemed to work fine, but when I arrived at Best Buy, the clouds threatened to rain-in on the fun I was looking forward to that night.
Upon arriving at my local Best Buy, I stood in the in-store pickup line, waiting to get my Halo: Reach Legendary Edition pack. But, when the clerk went to retrieve it, she couldn't find it, and it began to worry me. Luckily I found a pack (one of two that were left) on the sales floor and the clerk then checked me out and homeward bound I was. Even the drive home was threatening, as a woman in front of me, who wasn't paying attention on what was going on in front of her (and around whom I couldn't see), suddenly slammed on her brakes, causing me to suddenly slam on my brakes, luckily stopping mere inches from her car.
I finally arrived home and was greeted by my family and Ashley who all had already sat down to eat. However, there seemed to be something wrong. I brought in my things and put my stuff down, and joined everyone at the table. Once I sat down, I was told that Ashley's dad had been admitted into a local hospital again for similar symptoms as he had earlier in the year. I was also told that Ashley would have to leave shortly to go join her family at the hospital, but I would remain. The news of yet another problem deflated my hopes of finally ridding the negativity of the day and being with good company.
Though dinner was still enjoyable despite Ashley's absence, and the rest of the evening was spent playing Halo: Reach with my brother while my parents watched, it still nagged at me that Ashley was unable to join us, her father was ill, and overall everybody was finding that the universe was conspiring against them in one way or another. All-in-all, yesterday was horrible - absolutely terrible. I just wonder, in retrospect, why it all had to happen all on the same day. But then I am reminded that Tuesday just is the worst day of the week.

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