19 August 2010

Playing Catch (up)

Well, its been close to a month since I've posted anything here, though my Tumblr and Twitter feeds have been quite active as I've been cruising around. But even though I've been able to sporadically post things, I've been incredibly busy lately.
First off, Ashley & I witnessed the anniversary of our first year of apartment living. Although some things have changed since we moved in, overall the apartment looks very similar to how it did when we started settling down in it. Since our lease was 13-month lease, the lease is up for renewal and we opted to re-sign our lease for another 13-months, so we will reside at the same address for another year.
The second biggest thing that's happened in the last month was that we had briefly adopted a dog. Her name was Lily and she was a very sweet 2-year-old stray who flew in from Taiwan. Although we, the adoption agency and a local veterinarian were unsure of her breed, we have all come to the conclusion that she may have been part Corgi. When we picked her up from LAX after having just flown in from Taiwan, we began to notice a few things about her that made us worry. For the first few nights we had her, we began to notice that she was very anxious and afraid, which made sense since she had moved to a very foreign environment. This resulted in her whining very loudly at night, making it very difficult to sleep. But it also manifested in that, for the first few days, she did not go poop outside, and had a few accidents inside. We understood that she would need to be more accustomed to our home, but leaving her inside a kennel all day was going to be difficult since she was never crate-trained and had really bad separation anxiety. In fact, on that Wednesday that we got her, I was at work and wouldn't be home until around 6:30p and Ashley had to leave for her dad's house at about 3:30p, so Lily was left alone inside her kennel for a few hours until I got back home. When I got home, I opened the front door and was greeted to the putrid smell of feces as Lily had apparently expelled herself all that was sitting in her since she had left Taiwan.
I had clean the mess, of course, which did take a while and was quite disgusting, but I knew it was going to happen from time-to-time. However, it began to nag at us that we would not have enough time for Lily to learn to be on her own in the apartment and to get her used to us not being home while we were at work, or while Ashley was in class. This was a very depressing realization, and we decided that it would be best for Lily if we gave her back so that she could be adopted into another family who had more time to spend with her and didn't have to force her into a kennel all day when they left. So that Sunday, exactly 1 week from when we got her, we took her back to the adoption agency, emotionally regretful for having to do what we did. It has weighed on us heavily since. She really did make us smile while she was in our home, and we really did enjoy playing with her and watching her. We hope to have a dog that we can train easier and without as much worry at some point in the future when our lives are not nearly as busy as they are now.
Outside of these things, I've been kept busy with things at work. I've finally been able to set a launch date for the project that I've been working on for almost 2 years now.

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