26 March 2010

A Month in HD

Alright, alright, its actually been more than a month since we got our new television, and all I have to say is that I am pretty happy with it. Sure, there are a few quirks about it, but they have been fairly transparent since we've now adjusted to it. One of the things that is painfully obvious, and annoyingly so, is the fact that dark areas sometimes are too dark, which is particularly a problem while playing video games.
Oh, and the video games are gorgeous! I mean absolutely stunning! Colors on the TV are vibrant, and the sheer size of the television allows me to see more detail than ever before.
But there are some drawbacks: regular television looks horrendous! Although the TV tries to do a pretty good job in "upscaling" lower quality video to fit the resolution of the higher quality screen, the broadcast is just too poor and makes the video looks horrendous, but alas, not every video out there is made with HD in mind (or the station can not afford the new HD equipment).
Other than the regular television broadcasts not looking as good as HD-quality television broadcasts (for obvious reasons), we absolutely love our TV! Now, if only Skype could relax their requirements for using it on my TV as well as the newest Series 8 (which mine is, but they require a C7000 or C8000, and mine is a B8000)...

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