04 January 2010

2010: New Year's Resolutions

Well, once again it is time for me to establish my goals for this new year, and to do so publicly so that you could either a) encourage me so that I do not give up, and b) hold me accountable. So, without further ado, here is my list of goals that I want to accomplish this year:
  1. Do the P90X program
    For several years I've been trying to build a better physique, but have been failing miserably at doing so. I've set in the past to eat right and work out, but every year I find myself struggling to keep up with my promises (as evidenced by my lack of a more healthy diet - not that its horrible, but could be better - and the infrequency of my visits to the gym). This year, Ashley & I finally have found a workout and diet program that seems more suited to our style and seems to be short enough in showing results that it might be something we will be able to follow through on. Its going to be tough, but 2010 is the year that I'm cracking down and stepping-up on my resolutions.
  2. Better Organization
    This resolution is actually a carry-over from years past as well. Seeing as how I moved into a new apartment fairly recently, I have a chance to start with a clean slate in the organizational department.
  3. Better Money Management
    Although I kept up on this for most of last year and did fairly well, I have slipped up a bit since October and should probably catch up. In fact, I still have pay stubs with taxes and withdrawals that I haven't kept track of since July of 2009! I feel 2010 is my chance to catch up and stay up-to-date, and I will hopefully do it soon so that I can make sure that everything goes smoothly come tax time.
  4. Complete Projects
    This year I'm calling it quits on Twobile's 1.x Series and finally putting my foot down and starting the project again from scratch for version 2.0 as I've been meaning to do for months now. Though I really do not want to have to go back to square one with it, I've been trying to find a compelling reason why I can't move on with the existing code base and finally I've come to terms that its just time, regardless if "I can fix it" or not.
    But my list of projects does not stop there! I've had several other projects in the queue for quite some time, some for fun and others because I've been meaning to get around to it. I think 2010 is my chance to do it all, and with school now out of the way, I might just get to them!
  5. Fix Car
    Last year I made a resolution to fix my car after my accident, and to this day I still have not done it. Its not that I am neglecting my car - absolutely not - I've just had a hard time shelling out the cash to fix it. I think its about time that I just get it done - especially with the windshield now cracked in two places directly in front of the driver's seat obscuring my view slightly.
  6. Curse Less
    Let's face it, this resolution completely backfired on me last year and this year I will add it to my "Better Myself" category. Hopefully I can pull it off...
  7. Be More Attentive & Supportive to Ashley
    She does a hell of a lot for me, and to be honest, I definitely would not be where I am today had it not been for all that she's done. Despite the uncalled-for things that I've said to her as a result of mounting pressures from work, school and home, she's been there with me each step of the way, ever supportive. Now with school out of the way, alleviating something like 90% of my stresses, I can now spend more time with her as we approach our wedding date... which brings me to my last resolution:
  8. Begin Planning Our Wedding
    For Ashley & I, money and school have been huge reasons why we haven't gotten married just yet. Despite having been engaged for little over 2 years, we have done very little toward planning our wedding. We have no date, but we have an idea on setting. We have no wardrobe chosen, but we have colors that we'd like to see. I guess those are still some plans, but I think its time that we started to seriously think about what we will do for our wedding, and begin thinking about all the little details that go into it. Flowers, photographer, videographer, landscape, catering, etc. Its a lot, but we both think that its best that we take our time so we get everything we want, exactly how we want, without all the unnecessary stress.
So that is pretty much my long-term goals for this year, though things may change as I add others (so long as I don't take any off for any reason other than completion). And with Ashley living with me, I think it may be easier as I will have someone else who will help me along the way - and I, her.

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Will said...

Great job about committing to do P90X! I did it and now I am doing the P90X plus program! I'm a Beachbody coach as well.

Check out my blog. www.FitnessAchievement.com

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