09 December 2009

Using TwitPay.me

I recently stumbled on a fantastic little site called TwitPay.me, and it allows Twitter users to, on-the-fly, create promises to pay other Twitter users, then the initiator can then settle what they owe and pay using PayPal, all the while keeping everyone's PayPal accounts anonymous. Its a fantastic way to donate money, and for people who own businesses, you can even use a related site called RT2Buy (owned by the same individuals).
The concept seems a little difficult to understand at first, especially where privacy is concerned, but it actually works out pretty well. Firstly, the users log into TwitPay.me and set up their accounts by linking their PayPal account (your password is not required at this point, just your email address) and establishing a PIN number. Next, when the payer is ready to pay another Twitter user, they simply write a new tweet like this "@username twitpay $amount message", of course substituting for the payee's Twitter username, for the dollar amount (USD) they wish to exchange, and the is optional, but a good way to explain why they are paying them. This creates a "promise to pay." Finally, the payer logs into the TwitPay.me website and settles their promises (allowing users to pay up to 6 users at a time), are redirected to PayPal to pay TwitPay.me, and then TwitPay.me pays the individuals that you owed! Its that simple!
Its really cool, and I hope that more people donate to causes using it. It does cost $0.05 per transaction, but it works out nicely since TwitPay.me hosts the service and needs to offset the costs anyhow. Try it - its definitely worth having in your Twitter toolbox!

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AJ Papa said...

This sounds a little like "Square" the twitter founder's new venture.