26 December 2009

Bi-weekly Reflections 2009 - Week 48 & 49

"Bi-Weekly Reflections" is my small journal of events that have gone on throughout the last 2 weeks that I've decided to keep. New updates to this will (hopefully) be posted as soon as possible. Also remember to check out my Tumblr for links, pictures, videos and articles that I found around the Internet that I liked or found interesting.
12/6 - Ashley & I spent the day working on making our Christmas cards to everybody. It was actually amazing that we managed to take a picture, edit it with Photoshop, get it printed, and assemble the pictures and cards into envelopes and address them to everybody all in one day! And, if I don't say so myself, they came out fantastic!
12/7-11 - Work
12/11 - On Friday, Ashley & I went to my company's christmas party at a restaurant called Iva Lee's in San Clemente. Unfortunately, it was raining that evening, but it didn't prevent Ashley & I from attending and it was a blast. The food was great and the company of my coworkers and their guests was even better.
12/12 - On Saturday, Ashley & I went to Anaheim to celebrate my cousins' birthdays at my aunt & uncle's house. Despite the fact that Ashley & I were really tired from the night before (and the traffic on the freeways due to people not knowing how to drive in rainy weather), we made it out there. It was fun, especially since they had a room filled with balloons where the kids (& Ashley) had fun tossing them around - it was like a ball pit! May give me ideas of filling the master bedroom of my apartment with balloons to jump around in... okay maybe not.
12/13 - Sunday was met with more Christmas shopping. However, I noticed a store called "Paint a Dream," and Ashley & I went to check it out. She immediately wanted to paint the unpainted pottery they had to offer there as Christmas gifts, which we did after shopping. It was pretty fun, and she ended up having the items we painted as gifts for her family.
12/14-18 - Work
12/18 - Saw Avatar with Ashley & Julian - it was really awesome (in visuals, but storyline, well, needed a little more umph). 'Nuff said.
12/19 - Ashley & I hung around the apartment wrapping gifts and cleaning the apartment in preparation for Wednesday's party.

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