13 November 2009

Sean != huge party-goer

On Friday, October 30th, Ashley & I left the apartment to go to Ojai to celebrate Ashley's best friend's 21st birthday. Her friend had rented a house in Ojai and invited Ashley & I to go with her. After the long 2.5 hour drive through 4 counties, we arrived at our destination at about 9:30p and we noticed that there were already a few people there. Now, pretty much everyone where was 21 or older, and all were still in college - everyone except me (since I graduated already) and Ashley (who has not been able to go yet because of money problems).
I understand, as mentioned in a Phillip DeFranco video, the only thing you remember, or really tried to do in college, was party and go hog wild on things that you wouldn't normally do, in part because it goes against your character or because its illegal. But I (fortunately or unfortunately depending on what you think is a better way to live your life) never took part in such activities in college. My college life consisted of the following cycle every day for almost 6 years: wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, go to work/school, go from work/school to school/work, go home, eat dinner, do homework, sleep, repeat. I was not invited to any "college parties," and I am probably all the better for it; being at this party revealed to me exactly what I was shown in films about young adults in college. Fortunately, I am very persistent when it comes to doing what I want and don't want to do, and it would take a large amount of peer-pressure for me to cave in to something. But when it comes to what was going on at this party, I didn't even have to think twice when I choose to walk away.
Ashley & I stayed that Friday evening through Saturday, and finally left on Sunday morning. When we had left, we had discussed, quite amicably, that we both thought the exact same thing about the party - it was just not our forté. I had mentioned, though, that it was necessary for us to be a part of this congregation and to witness first-hand illicit drug use and lack of steadfastness against such actions. We admitted to each other that it was very surreal to be amongst such young adults - adults that are among the droves in society - performing such actions against their own bodies willingly and without a single notion of the consideration of what they were doing to themselves - something we knew of only through television and film - and it made us feel awkward. I ask ourselves whether we were strange for not giving into these self-destructive actions, especially when these actions are quite commonplace for young adults our age? I responded in the firm negative, since we have a firm outlook on our goals in life and do not feel the need to escape - we are happy just where we are. But again, we both agreed that it was quite a humbling experience and reaffirmed our own beliefs that we did not need to resort to escapist techniques to feel at ease and happy - we had each other and that alone makes us happy.
Needless to say, we did enjoy our time while we were there celebrating Ashley's best friend's 21st birthday - of course, when we didn't feel awkward for not partaking in the bitter waters from the faucet of youth. I just don't forsee myself in that type of situation again.

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