08 September 2009

Obama's Speech To Kids

Obama- adults are talking
Let's face it, us Americans are doomed - and its not the President's fault. Its the fault of all these ridiculously paranoid conservatives believing the sky is falling. Although I haven't quite gotten the full picture on the issue, but I've been hearing a lot of grumbling from around the Internet and a little on TV about President Obama's speech to kids urging them to try harder in school, to overcome the temptations of an easy life and to do their part for society, and conservatives' belief that the Obama administration is going to doom America. Realistically, the only reason we will be doomed is because the conservatives are becoming so ridiculously paranoid and are engaging in grossly misguided and uninformed campaigns that are proving to hinder any progress toward a brighter future - campaigns that are gross over-exercises of American freedoms of speech.
I ran across an article by a fellow intellectual who believes that these conservative nutcases are ushering in the "American Apocalypse" at a faster pace than ever before; that these conservative "anti-intellectuals" are insisting that our children should remain on their path toward ignorance perhaps so that a conservative can be voted into office to finish the destruction of the American Dream and blame the liberals? Either way, it sickens and thoroughly angers me over the disgusting misinformation that runs rampant throughout many popular media outlets, leaving people like myself struggling to sift through ignorant opinion to find the truth. Throughout my college career, never has it been so hard to uncover the truth, especially now that its being destroyed before ever being published.
So what was all this hubub about Obama's speech to kids? Nothing more than an appeal to our youth to continue to succeed wherever possible and not let failure or external forces prevent our success. Here is the speech (and you can read the entire speech's transcript here):

And here are the reactions (of which I would like to point out the parent's decision to have her children not watch the speech disgusted me, where all the kids and teachers understood the point of the speech perfectly - no hidden agenda, clear as day):

It seems like this type of idiocy is coming back into style, eh? Conspiracy theorists, you have a job again!

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