30 September 2009

Bi-weekly Reflections 2009 - Week 36 & 37

"Bi-Weekly Reflections" is my small journal of events that have gone on throughout the last 2 weeks that I've decided to keep. New updates to this will (hopefully) be posted as soon as possible.
9/13 - Just spent the day cleaning up after Ashley's family had come over to visit and the BBQ.
9/14-18 - Work
9/16 - Received Ashley's new netbook. She seems to be pretty happy with it!
9/19 - Went shopping with Ashley. First went to mall, then left to go to Fry's in San Marcos to buy a new Xbox 360 Elite for my apartment, a new larger hard drive for my workstation at work, and a new netbook case for Ashley's new netbook.
9/20 - Had to go back to the mall since they overcharged Ashley, but they couldn't do anything about it until it had cleared in the bank. So we went to my house to drop off my older 360 with my brother, and to give him the IBM/Lenovo X41 Tablet that I had used in college so he could use it in college too.
9/21-25 - Work
9/22 - Picked up Halo 3: ODST and played it a little bit. Pretty fun! Unlike most of the other people who played it, I'm trying to take my time to play it through to the end so its a little more worthwhile.
9/25-26 - Ashley's brother and sister had been invited to stay the night at our apartment. We had some fun, going to the pool and swimming for a while, and also had some fun playing video games and doing little crafty things.

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