22 September 2009

Bi-weekly Reflections 2009 - Week 34 & 35 - Articles & Links

Here's a articles and links that I ran across during the last couple of weeks that I thought were pretty interesting:
  • MSNBC - "U.S. seeks to oust 88-year-old over Nazi-era charge" [article]
  • MSNBC - "Pow! Disney to buy Marvel for $4 billion" [article]
  • "On Influenza A (H1N1)" [article]
  • "Now use PHPAnywhere To Code Directly from your Browser" [article]
  • "Insane Neighbor Lawn Chair War Ends w/Painful Moral Dilemma" [article]
  • "Ohio judge silences defendant with duct tape" [article]
  • "Petabytes on a budget: How to build cheap cloud storage" [article]
  • "Cat Limps Home with 13-inch Arrow Shot Through Its Head" [article]
  • "Is Twitter too public for teens?" [article]
  • MSNBC - "Are we paying too much for cell service?" [article]
  • "Callie Rogers broke after lotto spending spree" [article]
  • Newsweek - "Why Disney bought Marvel" [article]
  • MSNBC - "What BP's giant oil strike means" [article]
  • "50 things that are being killed off by the Internet" [article]
  • Kotaku - "Police Swarm To Bungie On Weapons Call During Kotaku Visit" [article]
  • Switched - "'Splinter Cell' meets 'Keyboard Cat' (When Good Games Go Viral)" [article]
  • Slashdot - "Attractive Women Make Men Temporarily Stupid" [article]
  • "Women's breasts are men's first fixation" [article]
  • MSNBC - "Are some women superbreeders?" [article]
  • MSNBC - "Pigeon beats Internet firm in data transfer race" [article]
  • "Ten reasons you should marry a geek" [article]

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