06 July 2009

Bi-weekly Reflections 2009 - Week 24 & 25

"Bi-Weekly Reflections" is my small journal of events that have gone on throughout the last 2 weeks that I've decided to keep. New updates to this will (hopefully) be posted as soon as possible.
The last couple weeks have been quite uneventful, albeit quite busy. Sunday (6/21) was Father's Day, and so I relaxed with my family at my grandparent's house, watching the kids play and talking with my uncle and messing around with his professional-level electric R/C car. The rest of the week could probably be summed up into a single word: work. Although, on Tuesday (6/23), I heard that media icon Ed McMahon died.
Thursday (6/25) also started out a bit interesting as I ended up waking up extremely late (7:15 as opposed to my normal time at 5:30), and conversely ended up arriving at work only 45 minutes late. Why did I end up waking up so late? Well, I normally use my cell phone as my alarm clock, but the alarm didn't go off properly and I ended up sleeping in. It would figure too since I tried going to be a little earlier that night to catch up on sleep so I wouldn't feel so tired the next morning. While at work, though, news came pouring in from my Google Reader and from Twitter that Farrah Fawcett had unfortunately succumbed to cancer and passed away. Later in the day, Twitter blew up again after I received more news that Michael Jackson had also died unexpectedly.
On Friday (6/26), I returned to the Toyota dealership to have my car door lock finally fixed after having it not work for a couple weeks, posing a security risk for my car since the back passenger door wouldn't lock. Afterward, I headed back to my house to work from home and listened in on an Eclipse Galileo launch webinar on some of the new features. Although I haven't played with it yet, I do like what I've heard is available in the new release and may find it useful here at work. Unfortunately, however, at the end of the day I had a conference call about the phone system that I had implemented in the office. Apparently the complaints are still there and its really irking me. I've pretty much come to the final pieces of patience with the system where, if it doesn't work for us, we'll probably just go back to using the old system, despite how ridiculous it was.
On Saturday (6/27), I went with Ashley into town to go shopping and see a movie. First we went to Chipotle to eat brunch, then Walmart to buy some more stuff for the apartment, then went to the movie theater to see Hangover (its a hilarious movie!). Finally we went to Love Boat Sushi to eat dinner together before heading back home. Sunday (6/28) was used as a day to rest and relax from all the running around I do, but instead I went outside in the heat to fix and play around with my nitro R/C truck for a little while before coming inside to help Ashley make dinner and then watch some TV.
Monday (6/29) began yet another week for me, which started with my receiving my order from Woot.com for 2 Jawbone 2 headsets - one for my dad as a belated Father's Day gift, and the other for my mom for her upcoming birthday in August. The rest of the week was pretty much just work as usual, but Friday (7/3) I had off as a company holiday. Instead of chilling out that day, I had to instead go to Hemet for traffic school to "erase" the speeding ticket that I got. Although the class was quite long (from 8am to 3:45p in quite uncomfortable chairs), I have to admit that it was a lot more informative than I thought it was going to be.
Saturday (7/4) was spent in Aliso Viejo with my family celebrating Independence Day and as pretty fun although Ashley was not with me as she spent it with her family.

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