29 July 2009

Achievement Unlocked: Survive an entire week in new apartment

As of today, I will have completed a full week at the new apartment! Its been a fast week, but that's partly because I am still technically moving in and I've been extremely busy. I've got so many things that its hard to move them all in and go to work, buy furniture, and do everything else in a short period of time. But it has been quite an experience so far.
As of right now, I've been quite impressed with the apartment in the fact that its so nice. Although there are some quirks that I still have to get used to, the transition, albeit quite abrupt, has gone relatively smoothly. So far, I've had to have the garage door repaired so that it doesn't scare the crap out of me when I open it (every time it began to open, it made a really loud bang noise), and I'm working to have the property-operated terminator come out to kill and protect against a few spiders that we have (black widows on each side of the garage door). Other than that, the only very minor problem I've had has been with the Verizon FiOS service that I had installed at the unit, where the installer did not tell me what my new home phone number was nor did he give me the information on how to access the voicemail for it.
The other thing that is a little negative about the apartment (which I can't fix right now) is the lack of people: during the week, I'm the only occupant, and on the weekends Ashley will be joining me. There are actually a number of reasons for this arrangement:
  1. Her family still needs her help around the apartment,
  2. Her car is currently being repaired by her father,
  3. She still is a little apprehensive about "living on her own,"
  4. She gets too lonely when I am away at work and she is still home alone at the apartment
These are but small problems that, as time goes on, we will work through. We've come to the conclusion that she'll be doing almost the exact same thing that I did when I went back and forth from my house to her house.
Needless to say, its been quite exciting at the apartment so far and I hope to have more (good) news about it as time goes on!

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