23 June 2009

Bi-weekly Reflections 2009 - Week 22 & 23

"Bi-Weekly Reflections" is my small journal of events that have gone on throughout the last 2 weeks that I've decided to keep. New updates to this will (hopefully) be posted as soon as possible.
This edition of my Bi-Weekly Reflections is pretty short this time around, not because I really didn't get enough of a chance to write it, but mainly because not much happened over the course of the last two weeks. For instance, from Sunday (6/7) to Friday (6/12), there wasn't really much to report, being a laid-back Sunday to start off a pretty normal week at work.
However, Saturday (6/13) was a pretty busy day, as Ashley & I went to the apartment complex that we had visited before to measure out the rooms in the unit, followed by a hurried dash to an appointment for Ashley in Escondido, then to Ikea in San Diego to have a look at what kind of things they had there and to prepare a price list for what we would need to buy. Afterward, Ashley & I went and relaxed for a little bit at Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach, one of my favorite places in San Diego.
On Sunday (6/14), we went back to the apartment complex to show my parents and get their opinions on the place, to which they were pretty impressed as well. Encouraged by my father, I also put a hold and signed preliminary papers for a unit at the complex, having our move-in date set to July 21st! Afterwards, Ashley & I went to Sam's Club, Walmart, and Big Lots to see about getting more essential stuff for the apartment.
Monday (6/15) was pretty much a normal work day without much going on, but I did receive my first set of business cards with my name printed on them (about a thousand!). I know that this is nothing really to rant and rave about, but I think its pretty neat and makes me feel like a true professional - although I really have no idea who I would hand them out to.
Tuesday (6/16) evening was spent going through a lot of the papers that I have lying around my room and tossing them out so I can off-load the burden before the move. Most of the papers that I had were old assignments and notes from when I was in high school, dating back to almost when I was a freshman. Most of the stuff I tossed, but I kept a few things, mainly the math stuff.
Wednesday and Thursday (6/17-18) were pretty much normal days without very much going on, although Friday (6/19) I went to the Toyota dealership in Temecula early in the morning before logging in remotely for work to get my car doors fixed. Unfortunately, it will cost me a small fortune per door to get them fixed for something that seems trivial. With this, I definitely wish my car was still under its extended warranty, but alas, it is not.
Saturday (6/20) was a pretty busy day for me, as Ashley & I left her house to go to an orthodontic appointment to finally begin the process of removing her braces after having them on for 2 years. She's very excited and so am I, and both of us are hoping that she might have them off before our trip to Las Vegas in August. Aftewards, we headed to Anaheim for my cousin's belated birthday party and hung out with my family for a while before heading back home late that evening.

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