05 May 2009

2500 Tweets Later...

Wow, where has time gone?! The other day I was heading up to class when I got a direct message on Twitter from @Hanniversary, a Twitter bot that alerts you when you've hit Twittering milestones, that I was approaching 2500 tweets on Twitter. Seeing as this was an opportunity for me to look back, I was also led to another link, coincidentally, by AJ Papa on when I first signed up for Twitter, and with a little digging, I even found a site that helped me find what I said in my first tweet! To imagine, I signed up with the fledgling (pun intended) Twitter just shy of 2 years ago and have enjoyed using it since. In fact, believe it or not, I will have been an active Twitter member for exactly 2 full years the day after the last day of this semester (which I hope is my last), and basically the start of my summer! Oh, and for those of you who don't know it, that would be May 16th.
So what has it been like using a site that, for the uninitiated, seems like a place where people with really short attention spans can blabber about nearly anything and everything? In a few words: incredibly fun and useful. Useful, you say? Oh yes, there is quite a few things that are pretty useful about Twitter, from todo list reminders to shopping to tracking shipments to even breaking news alerts, even helping you get out of jail or helping people get hitched. The Twitter developer illuminati (myself included) have made Twitter into more than it was intended, and its prowess is only limited by the imagination of its developers, giving people the power to do what the Internet has slowly started to become: an on-demand channel of instantaneous information. But it hasn't been all chocolates and roses.
Like other forms of mass communication, Twitter has also drawn fire and been the focus of a number of malicous attacks, namely in the form of spam, virus distribution, and even more basically spreading fear and panic. But these are just some of the common pains we must endure in this 21st Century of Information. There has been a lot happening with Twitter in the last 2 years, and I hope that the innovative juices that come from developers using Twitter as their springboard keep flowing, regardless of the baddies that pop themselves in everywhere to ruin everybody's fun.
Yes, Twitter initially started out as a microblog for me when I couldn't write longer articles here and things were just too small to waste an entire post on my blog but still wanted to make my thoughts and experiences public, but now its become more than just a toy - its become a tool. And like all the other tools that I have, I will use it whenever its usefulness can be exploited to solve a problem. Thank you Twitter for allowing me to be that noisy little finch - whether somebody listens or not, its still good to know that I was able to share it, regardless of how small or mundane IT is.

Please have mercy on my degrading grammar toward the end of this post. This is what happens when you're a sleep-deprived college student with too much to do.

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AJ said...

I know you'll hate me for this but ... Happy Twanniversary! I happen to think Twitter is becoming so cool that it's uncool. It really is becoming quite ubiquitous. But all y'all need to remember is that we had Operah beat by like 2 years.