08 March 2009

Who watches the Watchmen?

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Although I had the chance to read the graphic novel (read: comic) for the movie, I didn't have enough time because of school to read what has been unanimously proclaimed as an incredible story. However, I did manage to set aside enough time to see the new Watchmen movie, and let me just say this right now: this is definitely not your run-of-the-mill superhero movie in any respect. Sure there are masked crusaders each with a unique "ability," but unlike other superhero movies where there is a struggle between 1 or 2 villains competing against a superhero protagonist, the story is much more twisted and instead focuses on the ideological differences and the struggles heroes must undergo mentally in figuring out what is right and what is wrong.
The story presented in the movie was about an alternate time in the 1980s where President Nixon never resigned and the 22nd Amendment was never enacted. It was a time when the moral degradation of America was starting to take hold and the looming fear wrought by the Cold War was beginning to cause even steadfast nerves of the superheroes of the time to snap.
Although most comic-book-based movies usually focused on the power struggle between an all-evil villain and a do-gooder superhero, this movie was perfect for the director ofSin City, 300, and other similar dark comic-centered movies, and he executed this 2 hour and 43 minute long expose with impeccable respect for the underlining themes. No, this isn't your typical feel-good movie as people die, blood is shed, and superheroes do not-so-superheroy things. It makes a good point on what is considered right and wrong, and also reiterates a message that was once echoed in Disney/Pixar's "Incredibles" - when the superheroes are not allowed to be around, who is left to save the world from catastrophic nuclear annihilation?
I think Watchmen is an incredible movie, and I highly, highly recommend it - not only for the amazing way the director portrays the struggles, but also the messages that the movie conveys. It is definitely rated 'R' for a reason, but those reasons should definitely not be a deterant from the otherwise awesomeness that it spews onscreen. As AJ Papa had mentioned in his review of Watchmen - "I give this movie 5 bloody smile face pins out of 3 cans of beans" (although, if you've seen the movie, there are actually only 2 cans of beans - I'm just sayin AJ :) ).

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AJ said...

Yup. Have to agree. Not your run-of-the-mill super hero. One of my friends who recently saw, who didn't have a chance to read the graphic novel, was like, "Yeah. I totally didn't get it."