08 March 2009

Bi-weekly Reflections 2009 - Week 8 & 9

"Bi-Weekly Reflections" is my small journal of events that have gone on throughout the last 2 weeks that I've decided to keep. New updates to this will (hopefully) be posted as soon as possible.
The last couple weeks have been a roller-coaster of stress. Although much of the time has been spent on homework, there were a couple unique things that have happened. On Monday, 2/23/2009, I found out that my company's office will be moving from Oceanside to San Clemente and will begin operations in San Clemente on April 1. This is a bit of a problem for me as I will have a commute that is now twice as long and requires me to travel either the SR-74 (Ortega Highway), which is a somewhat dangerous and curve-filled 2-lane highway that goes through the mountains, or down the I-15 to the 78, then to the 5 North to San Clemente. Nevertheless, I've been put in charge of getting our phone system up and running by the day we are in the new office, so I've been diligently finding PBX systems that we can use in the office.
On Tuesday, 2/24/2009, I began to panic when I got home and found out that my power adapter for my IBM/Lenovo X41 Tablet wasn't working anymore. I had to rush to Radio Shack at about 8pm in order to get another universal adapter, but all they had was the iGo adapters, and ended up having to spend $100 for it. I would have probably bought one from Ebay or direct from IBM/Lenovo, but I needed one immediately. I'll still check to see if I can get one, and hopefully if I find a reliable one within 30 days, I'll return the iGo adapter.
Wednesday, 2/25/2009, started out pretty interesting. I left my house and managed to arrive at the train station to catch an earlier train just in the nick-of-time (a.k.a. I ran from my car to the train that arrived just after I did). Unfortunately, there was an accident much later down the track which delayed the other trains, including mine. So instead of getting to school with a lot of time to spare, I ended up arriving at the same time I normally do. On the brighter side though: at least I did get to school on time versus if I had gotten on later I would have been really late. I also managed to go to a very small VW sales and repair shop in Vista to get the right phone number and some prices on some VW Beetles that Ashley was thinking about buying for her first car. Needless to say, the men that were there were, um, quite interesting, especially one guy who was on the outside fixing a Nissan pickup truck. He talked a lot about how my generation is "fucked" because of the economic and political climate. It was about a 30-minute one-sided conversation, but needless to say, I'm a nice guy and listened even though I've heard it so many times by some many other opinionated people.
Nothing major happened on Thursday or Friday, 2/26/2009 through 2/27/2009. I've just been pretty stressed between getting this prepared for the move at work and just the usual stress of schoolwork. However, on Friday, I did manage to tie up some loose ends for our phone system preparation and have begun work on getting things prepared for the actual move.
Saturday, 2/28/2009 was a pretty good day for Ashley and I. Ashley and her family and I went down to the place that I found the VW Beetles and she was thoroughly happy. In fact, she bought her first VW, which, admittedly needs some work, but after everything is said and done, may end up becoming a very nice car. She's incredibly happy and I am too that she is!
Tuesday, 3/3/2009, turned out to be not such a great day for me. Firstly, I took another test in my Discrete Math class that morning which seemed unusually simple for me, although I know a couple proofs that I did were not exactly "proofs." After my test I went to see my academic advisor, who told me that I was going to be unable to graduate unless I complete a "Foreign Language Graduation Requirement." Get this: its not a requirement in terms of credits, but rather a requirement that the school requires before completing any degree. I'm currently short this requirement, so I may not be able to graduate unless I take one of 2 different options: a) take a $50 proficiency exam (with a maximum of 2 tries), or b) take a class and try to apply for graduation at some other point in time. Obviously option (a) is more attractive, but I may be forced to do option (b), which would be increasingly difficult if I can't pass the proficiency exam. Needless to say, I'm extremely disappointed.
Wednesday, 3/4/2009, however, turned it all around for me as it was like Christmas all over again: I received a package with my Philips HiFi iPod/Bluetooth/USB/SD/MMC/CD/MP3 Mini System from Woot today, and also received the 2 PBX switches and special desk phone that we ordered from TalkSwitch. Gadgets to play with! Woo!
On Friday, 3/6/2009, I finally visited the new office for the first time. It seems smaller (maybe its the lower ceiling), but it looks pretty nice and is about a mile from the coast (we can actually see the water from our window). One thing that I will have to get used to is the fact that it is in San Clemente. It took me 2 hours to get home by taking the Ortega Highway and other alternate routes to head East as directly as I could, and I'm not very happy about that. I will have to talk to my boss about that to see if we can work something out about me working from home a couple times during the week when I work full-time.
On Saturday, 3/7/2009, I finally got around to changing the oil in my car. Yes, I change the oil on my car myself. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me to pay someone $40+ to do it and use cheap oil and oil filters. I also went with Ashley, my brother, and my dad to see Watchmen on Saturday. It was a great movie, but you definitely can't be going into it thinking its a super hero movie like Spiderman. Its a very different movie.

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