17 March 2009

Another Lackluster Announcement by Apple

For many iPhone and iPod Touch users, today was a big day as Apple finally announced many changes that are coming to the devices. As an avid Windows Mobile user myself, I wanted to know how big a change was their new iPhone OS 3.0 going to be in comparison to the previous iterations, and frankly I yawned through nearly the whole thing. The biggest announcements were the additions of cut/copy & paste, MMS, landscape keyboard, push notification, turn-by-turn GPS, and A2DP and other Bluetooth profiles, all of which are currently available and have been readily available for many WinMo devices for some time now. So, really, what did interest me? VPN, and YouTube functionality so far. I also did like the method used for cut/copy & paste (though this can definitely be emulated on WinMo devices fairly easily). That's about it.
Really, with the exception of the capacitive multitouch screen (which is now showing up in other WinMo phones), there still isn't much that I can see to be excited over. Again, I say "We've been doing that for a while now people." To me, the new iPhone update is merely just a "we need to play catch up." Yet, and unfortunately so, people will continue to buy the iPhone because they like spending outrageous amounts of money on accessories, software, and other stuff instead of buying a phone that gives you much more freedom. Oh, and did I mention that most of the new features, like MMS, are only available on the iPhone 3G? Sorry original iPhone owners, you're still left outside because Apple wants you to spend money on them and get a new iPhone. And in case you're wondering, I was able to use MMS since my first Windows Mobile phone without 3G using EDGE, so I fail to see why MMS should be an iPhone 3G only feature still.

Update: Forgot to link the article.

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