10 February 2009

Weekly Reflections 2009 - Week 5

"Weekly Reflections" is my small journal of events that have gone on throughout the week that I've decided to keep. New updates to this will (hopefully) be posted as soon as possible.
Well, another week has passed for me, and as time continues, it has become increasingly busy for me. As such, I've decided to revise my New Year's Resolution to write a weekly journal "blog" entry to writing one that is bi-weekly instead. At least then I may have some time to write out what I've done and also learn to write more concisely.
Well, this past Sunday was the Super Bowl, but unfortunately I missed it because of my homework. Now, I'm not a fan of football (or of many sports), but from what I've heard, it was a pretty good game. I also heard that Comcast had a little broadcasting misshap - sort of broadcasting "wardrobe malfunction" - where customers in Arizona received a 30 second free porn session at the end of the game (see the article below). Either way, I felt that was pretty funny. On lighter news, I also installed Windows 7 onto my new tablet and have begun the long, dedious process of trying to get all my existing stuff onto it. I also managed to give out an "internal alpha" of Twobile to a former classmate to test out on his WinMo phone. He found a couple bugs almost right away, but fortunately they were easy to fix. We'll both be testing it out on our devices before I give out the beta to the donors to the project, after which point 2 weeks later I'll be giving it out to everyone.
Monday was a little exciting as it was also Groundhog Day. Punxsutawney Phil, the Pennsylvannia groundhog that predicts winter's end or extension, predicted that winter will last for another 6 weeks. Also, Heroes finally came back on, so, as a fan of the series, I neglected to do my homework that day so that I could sit down and watch House and Heroes with Ashley.
Tuesday was pretty uneventful, except that Google released their Latitude service, which allows my friends to be able to locate me wherever I am while Google Maps is running on my phone (and I am sharing my location with them). Its pretty cool, and I've tried it with the former classmate that I talked about a little bit ago and Ashley and I was able to find out where the both of them were. I think its really an awesome idea!
Wednesday and Thursday were pretty bland days, although I did see 2 car accidents on the freeway on my way home from school Thursday night. One car was on the Southbound side of the I-15 (I was heading North) just a little past the southbound exit onto Old Highway 395, where the car had rolled onto its passenger side on the shoulder, and only 2 highway patrol cars where attending that accident. A little ways past, on the northbound side, there was another accident, although it didn't look like anyone or anything was harmed, where it appeared that a car spun out on the freeway and ended up perpendicular to the freeway in the dir meridian. Although there didn't seem like anything happened, there were 4 fire trucks, 1 ambulance and a highway patrol car attending this accident (another car was present, but it didn't look like they were involved - they probably stopped before the emergency personnel got there to make sure the first car was alright). I thought it was kind of lopsided how a more harrowing accident got more attention than the less stressing.
Friday - nothing, just rain - lots of rain.
Saturday was a pretty stressful day, with me working on homework nearly all day as it rained pretty hard outside nearly all day. The most annoying part was when I had to document my programming assignments ad nauseum. I also started on my Intro to Graphics programming assignment, which also was my first OpenGL 3D program. I banged my head against the wall for a while while working on it for almost 6 hours straight, but eventually decided to sleep on the problem I was having with it.

Here is a small list of news articles that I ran across and were interesting to me this week (be sure to check out my Digg profile for even more stuffs):
  • Comcast "accidentally" broadcast porn in Arizona at the end of the Superbowl - you can see the full video from Playboy's site (almost NSFW): [video]
  • First-time skydiver's instructor has heart attack and dies while in the air: [article]
  • More than $83 million was spent on both sides of the campaign for Prop 8 in California: [article]
  • OMG, are you serious? N.J. residents freaking out over a 3.0 earthquake? You should move to CA and feel a real earthquake: [article]
  • Google Latitude: [article]
  • Are you serious?! Who the hell would put a dam 550 yards away from a fault line?! That's just asking for problems! [article] [article]
  • A girl, 4, dies in washing machine after her 15-m.o. brother turned it on. Question: how did the 15-m.o. reach the buttons, regardless of whether or not it was a side-load washer? [article]
  • Man puts 911 on hold to complete his drug deal - what an idiot! [article]
  • "A 69-year-old Japanese man injured in a traffic accident died after paramedics spent more than an hour negotiating with 14 hospitals before one admitted him..." What the hell is wrong with hospitals nowadays?! [article]
  • Cake wrecks - this is hilarious! How do these bakeries managed to screw up making a freakin' cake? [article] [Cake Wrecks site]
  • Bill Gates unleashes mosquitoes into an audience at TED2009. Have you gone insane, Bill? [article]
  • The DTV drama continues: the DTV transition has officially been delayed until June 12th. I still don't understand how people could be so confused: if you don't have cable/satellite and want to watch TV on an older TV, get a converter box. Gee, I just summed up the entire confusion problem, was that so hard? [article]
  • Microsoft finally is changing gears on the UAC problem in Windows 7 - as if it was so difficult to force a prompt to appear when UAC changes take affect [blog post]
  • This 16-y.o. is crazy: he was stabbed in the leg, but rather than go to the hospital, he forced himself to get to a job interview [article]

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