03 February 2009

Weekly Reflections 2009 - Week 4

"Weekly Reflections" is my small journal of events that have gone on throughout the week that I've decided to keep. New updates to this will (hopefully) be posted as soon as possible.
Sunday started out pretty good, with Ashley and I going out shopping, stopping off at Wing N' Out to have some "lundin" (lunch/dinner, like how brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch). Later that evening, she and I watched watched Ocean's 13, completing our viewing of all three Ocean's movies. We love the movies and decided to watch them again, and Sunday night we finally finished watching all three.
Monday was pretty much a regular day for me, except that when I arrived at the Sprinter station on my way back to work from school, the wind chill was pretty bad, especially on the elevated platform and I got pretty cold. Other than that, nothing really exciting happened.
Tuesday started off kinda eventful, but not so much in a positive way. On my way to school, I was stopped behind a line of cars at an intersection when I heard a loud squeel and a loud bang, a shorter squeel, followed by the prompt attention of a car horn (mind you, my windows are all up). Knowing full well that this was the distinctive sound of the procession of a car accident, I looked around and found that a pickup truck had been T-boned by a Suburban going in the same direction that I had been. What it appears to have happened was that the pickup was travelling on the other side of the road, waited in the meridian to make a left turn, turned thinking that it was safe (since we were stopped), but didn't see the Suburban on the other side of the line of cars and got in the way of the Suburban. The hit was not too bad, but the Suburban did cause the pickup to spin all the way around so he was facing the opposite direction he was going on the sidewalk. Both people appeared to be okay as I continued past, but I felt bad for the guy in the pickup as he was literally turning into a driveway which was, quite possibly, his workplace.
On Wednesday, I got the package that I'd been waiting for: a HP Pavilion tx2525NR. In other words, it was a "new" tablet notebook, which I bought since it was a steal, especially for all the nice things it had: 2.0GHz dual-core 64-bit AMD processor, 3GB RAM, 250GB hard drive, 802.11B/G/N, tablet screen (obviously), a built-in webcam with microphones, etc. I but new in quotation marks because, though I thought the unit was a new unit, it was actually refurbished, but either way, so far it seems quite workable. I was going to use it as my primary system since I need the extra power that the new one provides, I probably won't be able to use it until toward the middle or end of the semester since I've got to install Windows 7 and Ubuntu, tweak it, ensure it runs stable, test the battery life, and make sure I have all the information and programs I'll need throughout the semester.
Thursday was kind of interesting. While at school, I wasn't really paying attention to the lecture (and who can blame me; can somebody say "senioritis"?), I was tweaking Twobile a little and doing some tests before field-testing it on my phone when I encountered an error in a place that I had not touched at all. After a quick code trace, I found out that Twitter had changed something in their API which caused my program to crash (actually, Twitter "removed" something, causing my program to fail). What made this problem interesting, though, is that in previous versions that were still very much in use by the public, I had tried to implement a "crash-resistant" subsystem, which consisted of a sentry loop with a try/catch block housing the main program form in the main proceedure. The theory was that whenever an error was thrown in the main program form, the try/catch would process the error, and the loop would cause it to retry. When the program did not fail, then the lines of code following the main program form would cause the loop to exit and the program would quit successfully. Now this problem was known that an error somewhere was causing the program to go into an infinite loop, but the error was caused somewhere else and was a fairly rare error. However, when Twitter removed the API that I required on accident, startups of the program would proceed, but an error would be thrown causing the program to loop and retry, but with every retry, Twitter would again cause an error and the process would continue infinitely with no chance to stop it. This loop would cause lockups and eventually crash the device it was running on. It was a serious problem that I promptly created a simple fix for and released it as soon as possible. I also created a problem report with Twobile within 5 minutes of discovering the problem, which consequently was about 5 minutes since they changed whatever they were doing since I was testing Twobile during that time.
Friday was the first day since last Wednesday that I've finally been able to go to the gym. This is not a good sign as it completely goes against my New Year's Resolutions, but because of school and other responsibilities, it has been very difficult to go as of late. My guess is that I may end up having to update my resolutions to accommodate my busy schedule.
Saturday was a fairly harsh day, and a wash for getting anything done in terms of schoolwork. Ashley and I ended up in an argument for several hours after I had made a bad joke which she didn't appreciate and I didn't think it was such a big deal, after which ended up becoming a big mess in a hurry afterwards. Fortuantely, after mudslinging and insults were finished being thrown at each other, we settled our differences. Strangely, we both tried to discuss where we wanted to go that evening for dinner, where she made the suggestion to have pizza and I extended it saying that we should try making our own. We then left to the grocery store to buy the ingredients (the dough was already made, but needed to be rolled out and cooked). Because the dough was so difficult to deal with, the four pizzas we made took a few hours to make, but they tasted really good.
Needless to say, it was one heck of a rollercoaster week, but since Sunday begins a new week, I hope that this new week brings good new things.

News from the week that I've seen and thought to share:
-Britney Spears has secret obscene message: [article]
-DTV switch delay has failed to pass the House; switch still on for Feb. 17th: [article]
-More recession-induced layoffs: [article], [article], [article] and [article] and [article]
-Family Dog Cloned Thanks to Dolly Patents: [article]
-Segway Faceplant! [video]
-Patrick Swazye has given up on cancer treatments: [article]
-Did you know that the mother who gave birth to octuplets earlier this week had 6 other kids already? [article]
-Police Google farmers, find marijuana field: [article]
-And speaking of Google Maps, did the Googlemobile hit this deer? [article]
-Gov. Schwarzenegger can force workers to take unpaid days off in face of California budget crisis [article]

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