09 February 2009

Bi-weekly Reflections 2009 - Week 6 & 7

"Bi-Weekly Reflections" is my small journal of events that have gone on throughout the last 2 weeks that I've decided to keep. New updates to this will (hopefully) be posted as soon as possible.
As mentioned in my previous journal post, I was working on my OpenGL program and finally managed to make it work completely on Sunday (2/8/2009). It turned out pretty neat, especially when I added a little bit of animation and control code to it. Unfortunately, even though I tried to set the inversion of the Menger Sponge, I ended up finding out that it was actually incorrect. Oh well.
Sunday was also the first time Ashley & I ended up watching Fringe. I've never seen it and Ashley has gotten to see parts of them here and there, but overall I seem pretty impressed so far. I think that it may end up one of the few shows that Ashley & I set time aside to watch.
Monday, 2/9/2009, was a pretty crazy day for weather. When I arrived at the Sprinter station at CSUSM, I decided to walk through the rain to class instead of waiting in the rain for another shuttle as it had ended up leaving just as I got off the train (which was a total bummer). As the day wore on, though, apparently it got cold enough to hail in different places around Souther California, such as in Oceanside, LA, and I even got a message from Ashley that it had hailed a bit at her house in Hemet also! Unfortunately, due to the rain, I decided not to go to the gym, but instead decided to go shopping for my Valentine's Day stuff. I was a little later than usual in getting stuff, but as long as I didn't wait till the last minute like some people. I got Ashley flowers, a card for her and my mom, and a birthday card for my dad.
Tuesday, 2/10/2009 brought me a little unfortunate news as I was returned my homework in my Discrete Math class and only received 13 points out of 25. I've had this class before, and knowing that it is quite difficult, the fact that I had received such a low score on the second assignment worries me. So far I've been quite unmotivated this semester, but this "slap-in-the-face" may call me to attention and start paying a little more attention to my work.
Wednesday, 2/11/2009, ended up starting off in quite a rush. I woke up an hour late (my phone decided it wasn't going to sound its alarm and freeze up the alarm function, and only the alarm function, at the middle of the night). I bolted out the door and somehow made it to the train station 20 minutes before it arrived, which is strange since on Monday I woke up at the normal time, left at the normal time, and only got to the station about 5 minutes before the train arrived.
On Thursday, 2/12/2009, I had my first test in Discrete Math. I had a bit of a hard time with the last question (or subquestion), which was to prove "x,y,w, and z are positive real numbers. If x != y, then prove that if x less than y and the average of x and y is z and the square root of the product of x and y is equal to w, then w less than y." I took a crack at it, but I'm not quite sure I got it right, but we'll see how I did when I get it back.
On Friday, 2/13/2009, I had to go to a Kofax Technical Refresh seminar to take a look at all the new stuff they had. Although the seminar was long, some of the new things coming down the pipeline from them are pretty neat. Unforunately, when I arrived it wasn't raining and was actually partly cloudy, but by the time I left 3 and a half hours later, it was raining pretty steadily throughout my drive back home. Thankfully, I was driving very cautiously on the Ortega Highway, otherwise I'd probably be writing this in a hospital.
On Saturday, I had to pick up the flowers that I had bought forAshley for Valentine's Day, but because Ashley wanted to come with me, I couldn't really surprise her with the bouqet I bought her. Regardless, we had a good day anyways, even though we really didn't do anything special on account of my homework getting in the way.
Sunday didn't bring anything exciting, but Monday, 2/16/2009, brought another interesting day. Although I still ended up going to class in the morning, Ashley & I left from my school to meet up with my family and my dad's boss's family at Club 33 at Disneyland to celebrate my dad's 30th anniversary working for Pacific Bell - er, AT&T. Although it was pretty wet and rainy during the first half of the day, it finally cleared up toward the evening so that we could enjoy ourselves a little bit, even though the park did end up deciding they were going to close ealier on account of the rainy weather.
Again, nothing really interesting happened on Tuesday, although on Wednesday, 2/18/2009, I did finally receive my Gmail stickers that the Gmail team was releasing for free. Although that was a pleasant surprise, I did end up a little pissed off since I finally received a confirmation from the reviewers for my application to graduate, only to find that, yes I am able to graduate at the end of this semester if all goes well, unfortunately they still listed that I had a foreign language requirement that had yet to be fulfilled. Odd thing is that I had already taken Spanish at MSJC and requested to transfer the transcript that listed the credits a few months ago, but somehow they still did not list that I had fulfilled my foreign language requirement. Nevertheless, I'll have to talk to both colleges to see what went wrong and get it straight before May - like I need more work to do.
Nothing really spectacular happened for the rest of the week, although I did finally visit my tax man in Mission Viejo to get that part of my civil responsibilities done for the year on Saturday, 2/21/09. Nothing bad happened, though I am happy that I finally got it done and I will (probably) finally get my car fixed.

  • Google Sync for Windows Mobile phones is finally available! Yay! Downside: Sync with Gmail not supported yet. I'll probably wait on it until they add that feature [link]
  • Wow, that's a lot of people! The most I can manage is a flash mob of maybe 1, and they managed to get so many people into a London train station for 15 minutes - peacefully even! [article]
  • What!? A 47-year-old man married an 8-year-old through an arranged marriage to pay off a debt? Are you serious?! [article]
  • "The 6 Most Insane Moral Panics in American History" - history I'm actually willing to read. Why? Because I like reading how dumb people are - it makes me feel smarter and therefore boosts my confidence. [article]
  • Milk and Marijuana? I wouldn't really want that for breakfast. [article]
  • Child safety fail: "Mom cooks 4-year-old like a turkey" [article]
  • This guy is an idiot: he believes that Google Latitude is a threat to privacy when it can only be enabled by users, so they know what they're doing. On the flip side though, it may be possible to automatically enable Latitude, but I don't think its very likely without the user noticing (battery drain, for example). Just another way privacy groups think Google is out to get them: [video]
  • I'm sorry, but despite the budget crisis here in CA, inmates should never be released, otherwise what's the point of a justice system at all? [article]
  • Looks like some more setbacks for the Large Hadron Collider are delaying the use of the LHC until September, . [article]
  • Some banks want to give back stimulus money - They'd better give it back! I've been sorely disappointed in the stimulus's effectiveness (although I half-expected it to happen like this). Maybe the banks are trying to get back on customers' good side (or that customers are leaving because they feel that their money isn't safe): [article]
  • The recession axe keeps falling, and now Sega, the video game company that I loved while growing up, is having huge problems and is laying off many of its workforce. Its very disappointing to see this as another blow to the company that seemed so strong and just began to fall apart after the unsuccessful Saturn and Dreamcast consoles: [article]
  • Wow, that really sucks! Two huge communications satellites collided in space! Its actually kind of ironic because a few days ago a classmate asked my professor if there had been any collisions of communications satellites, and my professor said he couldn't remember if there had been any. [article]
  • Okay, this is really young, but in every respect, nowadays we seem to be shocked and sometimes repulsed when something like this happens, but all I can do is be reminded of eras like during the reign of Louis XIV. Teenage pregnancies were very commonplace then (because the age of mortality was far less than it is now), and it just seems as though history is repeating itself. [article]
  • This reminds me of another article that I ran across before: "Teen kept in bathroom for years" [article]
  • Don't like EULAs? Have a cat accept them! [article]
  • Um, wow. Is Salma Hayek a gold digger? But she's already got money.... hmm... now I'm confused! [article]
  • I know I use my cell phone a lot and I almost always have it with me, but come on! There are some things that I'll not do. [article]
  • How stupid do you have to be to tase yourself? [article]
  • From Leo Laporte: this CNN article says that Republicans are trying to pass a bill that would require people who have hotspots and other Internet connection points to keep records about users for up to 2 years! [article]
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