12 February 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Okay, I know this has been overly used, and I've received a couple of them already from different places, but I decided to post my own response to this popular meme. Although originally on Facebook, I decided to put it on my blog and post links to it in other places to satisfy the "repost to 25 others and the originator" requirement - plus some. So here goes nothing:
  1. I asked the love of my life, Ashley, to marry me on July 7th, 2007 through a custom fortune cookie at P.F. Chang's Restaurant in San Diego (near the Fashion Valley Mall) - she said yes of course!
  2. I asked Ashley on our first date after I had just gotten back from my best friend's wedding. I was one of his best men, and when I saw her I was still wearing my tux.
  3. I'm a huge smartphone geek and own 3 different Windows Mobile-based phones currently and had 5 Windows Mobile-based phones total.
  4. I live between my house and my fiancee's house in Hemet, work in Oceanside, and go to school in San Marcos. Its a lot of driving.
  5. I have 3 laptops, 3 desktops, 3 XBOX 1s, an XBOX 360, a micro-PC used as a media center, and a server.
  6. I'm a programmer by profession, by education, and my main hobby is computer programming as well.
  7. I'm the sole-developer of Twobile, a Windows Mobile-based Twitter client for touchscreen devices.
  8. I started Infinitum Software as a means to promote my software, hopefully being a full-fledged independent software house when I graduate developing apps that I wouldn't be able to develop at work.
  9. I have been a full-time student every semester since my high school graduation in 2003.
  10. I enjoy watching only a few TV shows, but oftentimes I have to download them then watch them later. Some shows I watch include House, Heroes, Smallville, Top Gear, and recently started watching Fringe.
  11. I enjoy only a few sports: playing Tennis/Badminton, snowboarding, and biking.
  12. I work for a very small company in Oceanside, and absolutely love it. Great atmosphere and even better people.
  13. I'm signed up with more social networks than I can count with my hands. Facebook and MySpace are just a couple.
  14. I have more than 7 email addresses, and signed up with almost all instant messenging networks.
  15. In my generation, I have more than 15 cousins, about 13 of which are on only my mother's side!
  16. According to my fiancee and my family, I argue more than anyone else about nearly everything, for no apparent reason, although I hate lawyers.
  17. I curse too often, and I admit its a problem that I need to fix.
  18. I like Del Taco over Taco Bell. Taco Bell's stuff looks like it'll kill you and is over-priced in my opinion.
  19. I hold my appearance in high regard. I'm not vain, I just care that people see me as a clean-cut, upstanding person.
  20. I like pistachio ice cream and not too much of a fan of anything made of/with chocolate.
  21. I've worked at a woman's clothing store for more than 2 years and was the only guy to work there for most of the time I was there.
  22. I have more friends that are girls than I do guys.
  23. I used to do 3D animation, but I quit because I don't have a very good artistic ability. My brother, on the other hand, loves 3D animation and is doing far and above better than I ever did.
  24. I've always been interested in psychology, but I never wanted to pursue it because I don't really like dealing with other people's problems on top of my own.
  25. I'm usually a serious person, but there are few times that, without warning, I'll suddenly get silly and do and say completely random things. It keeps me sane. :D
I know some of this is not very interesting, but, you know, as a student, you're not given a lot of time to be your own person. This list may change dramatically when I get out of school, but until then, I'll just be my own boring self. Oh well.

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