20 January 2009

Weekly Reflections 2009 - Week 2

"Weekly Reflections" is my small journal of events that have gone on throughout the week that I've decided to keep. New updates to this will (hopefully) be posted every Sunday. Unfortunately, this update is late due to a number of things that I've been doing in preparation for school.
This week has been quite busy for me, as I prepare for another semester at school. Though nothing in particular occurred on Sunday and Monday, on Tuesday I began my preparation by going through my old school stuff and posting a number of my old books that I don't plan on ever needing again online to help offset the cost of this semester's books, where I sold 3 within the week and managed to ship all 3 of them within a reasonable amount of time. I also tried to figure out the issue of transportation between work, school, home and Ashley's house. I resolved this problem by buying a discounted parking pass where I park in a distant dirt/gravel lot on Tuesdays and Thursdays (I bought this on Wednesday after leaving early from work), and a discounted Sprinter train pass for college students where I would park near work on Mondays and Wednesdays and go between work and school using the train (this I bought on Thursday from my school, where again I unfortunately had to clock out of work early to get).
On Thursday I managed to receive my new replacement tablet hard drive and promptly installed my Windows 7 Beta on it and began the process of trying to get drivers to work on it. Unfortunately, at first the Vista x32 drivers didn't work, but then I found out that I was actually installing the wrong ones - they had outmoded the card I have in my tablet, so finding the driver was a little sneakier. Unfortunately, I wouldn't have my tablet done in time for school, so I will have to continue working on it even into the semester, which I didn't want to do as I wanted to mainly concentrate on school.
In other news, on Tuesday I finally managed to add another piece of remotely-running code to work to help with my project at work, and although there is a lot that still needs to be done, its working quite well and adds a huge feature that I've been putting off for almost a year. On Wednesday, I found another friend of mine, Tim Petrucci, that I had in high school that I known since middle school (I found him before on Facebook, but he never really updated it, but I found his MySpace which apparently he uses more often). Wednesday also was the live Diggnation show in L.A., but I decided not to go (though AJ went), and decided to instead go out to dinner with Ashley at the Pechanga Buffet before school started.
On Friday I went to the gym again as I normally would, but on my way out I took notice of a white Nissan Murano parked 2 cars away from mine (3 spaces though, since the space next to mine was empty) toward the far end of the row of cars with its front passenger window broken into. I took down the license plate number, walked back into the gym and notified them that it has apparently been broken into. I worry about this, especially after my previous experiences with my wallet being stolen, and I am not sure for how much longer I will be going to that gym if the rate of crime continues to increase. I have felt compelled to submit a complaint to the management of the gym that there is a lack of security cameras and other security personnel on the premises, and even feel like forwarding the complaint to the newspapers to increase the pressure on them.
On Saturday I finally took advantage of the warmer weather we've been having and washed and waxed my car for the first time in a few months. Its now shiny and happy, and I'm glad that I've finally done it.

Here are some crazy articles that I've seen on the Interwebz of the last week:
  1. Some crazy 13-year-old girl sends over 14,528 text messages last month [article]
  2. Good, brief animated video of the how the Internet was born [video]
  3. Hilarious view on almost the same line of thinking I have [comic]
  4. CES2009: You've got to be kidding me, this knacks of this
  5. Uhh, conflict of interest? I can just forsee scandals of high schoolers sleeping with their teachers just to pass [article]
  6. Why remakes? Well, at least it might be with Jackie Chan, but that alone will not make it worthwhile if they mess up the script and make it lame like they've been doing for a number of recent remakes. [article]
  7. Wow, this is an ambitious study [article]
  8. Uh, duh. Smoking is bad, no matter what angle you look at it. [article]
  9. RIP Laserdisc [article]
  10. Steve Jobs takes medical leave of absence... Down with Apple! [article]
  11. 1/15/09 - US Airways plane crashes into Hudson River - this is sort of a big one and you can probably find a number of links to articles about it, as it is still being investigated.
  12. Obama-branded Chinese ripoff of a Finnish phone in Kenya [article]
  13. Former cannibal calls radio station [article]
  14. Girl drops out of college because of Linux - what an idiot [article]
  15. I saw this a while ago, but its still kind of useful: Internet Meme timeline [article]

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