06 January 2009

My Take On The Travolta Family's Recent Tragedy

Those who have seen my earlier posts know that I am a fairly liberal Catholic (if there is such a thing). Unlike some Catholics or other Christian-denomination practitioners who try to convert you whenever you say you either are not affiliated with any sect or affiliated with a sect other than theirs, I am very open to the many religions that guide us through our lives. I see religion as a means of coming to terms with the Universe, however the religion sees it. However there are those exotic, often "extreme" belief systems that, from either a purely logical or just "gut-instinct" point-of-view, don't make any sense, and I believe that Scientology is one of those belief systems.
With the recent and tragic death of actor John Travolta's son, and the reports on the autopsy, I've come to see that there are some very perplexing idiosyncrasies surrounding Scientology, in particular the lack of recognition of Autism as a well-known, scientifically verified psychological deficiency. Although there is debate on whether or not Jett Travolta really had Autism or Kawasaki Syndrome, the real issue here is the family's belief system and their ignorance of a known handicap by the church and the family.
It is debated that if the Travolta family had been a part of another religion that did recognize that Autism was a real treatable disease (given Jett actually had it), the treatments they had given Jett for it may have prevented his demise. Personally, I find it quite ridiculous that any religion would shun away any scientifically proven and well-known diseases (although it is true that even the Catholic Doctrine tends to put its blinders up on some things, it has been more open to accepting and coming to terms with things than most).

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