07 December 2008

My First Company Christmas Party

Every once in a while, you see a movie or TV show (like Jingle All The Way) where an office Christmas party is depicted showing everyone getting hammered but laughing and just having a grand time. Personally, if I was ever invited to a Christmas party of any sort - at work or otherwise - I never wanted to see just how rowdy people can get when alcohol - the human kryptonite - is around them.
Working for S4i, I've been able to experience a lot of wonderful things, which, in a way, may have spoiled me, but as long as I am happy with where I am, that's all that matters. Well, as a sort of tradition at S4i, every December the company has a Christmas party where us employees can meet and mingle and talk in a setting that isn't the office or about the office. Though I've been working for S4i for a year and a half, last year the office didn't do anything for the Christmas party since everybody was going in every other direction, so a common time to meet wasn't exactly possible. This year, however, was the first time I could enjoy this experience, and I had a blast.
Although festivities were supposed to start at 6:00pm, Ashley and I left my house at approximately 4:15pm, and headed south on the I-15. Unfortunately, due to a few snags with traffic and not being able to find the correct parking lot, we finally arrived for dinner with the rest of my coworkers at about 6:30. We ordered and ate at the Napa Valley Grille at Horton Plaza in San Diego, and what a great dinner it was. Excellent food and even better company made the night quite enjoyable.
At about 7:50, we rushed to the San Diego Civic Theater to see a musical rendition of The Color Purple. After some fidgeting around for the first few minutes of the play, we were able to watch the play and enjoy being "cultured."
Overall, the night was very enjoyable and I had a blast! The only unfortunate part of the entire evening was that on our way back to our car, Ashley got a call that her 18-year-old cat Tiger was dying, and by the time we managed to get back to her house, she had died.

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