20 November 2008

Why couples & families should get a Wii

A couple of weeks ago, Ashley & I made the quick decision to buy ourselves a Wii to have at her house. Now, I already have one at my house (it actually belongs to my mom), but we've found that the few chances we get to play it at my house we have a lot of fun. Now, at home, our game library is not very exhaustive, but it does reflect each of our interests. Also, each game we have can be played by the entire family (with the exception of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which my brother plays and I can barely keep up on - too many things happening at the same time and the camera bugs me).
So, Ashley & I went out and bought a Wii seeing as how we knew we'd both enjoy the games equally, and could all play as a family (her family included). We also got the Wii Play Pack (which came with an extra controller), Mario Kart Wii (a game she & I grew up on, and came with a Wii Wheel), an extra Wii Wheel & Nunchuck, and the Wii Fit. We were set for almost what it would cost to get a PS3 by itself. What happened next I never imagined would happen.
She absolutely had a blast! The night we bought it, she was anxious to open and play with it, and me being the guy and gadget geek and all, happily obliged. We started off with the Wii Sports that was included, then to the Wii Play stuff, then Mario Kart Wii. It was so much fun, we didn't realize that it was already midnight! The next day she wanted to use the Wii Fit, and started getting things all set. A short time later, she set up her Fit profile and was off playing balance games & yoga.
It brought the biggest smile to my face while I sat doing my homework, looking up at her every once in a while to see what she was doing or whenever she exclaimed at her progress. She bragged about herself when she got Yoga Master ratings during the Yoga exercises, and just genuinely had a happy demeanor about herself that I had never seen before. It made me incredibly happy to see her so happy.
And so I've come this the conclusion that the Nintendo Wii should be on the Christmas list as a family item, or couples item, if you have a family that enjoys playing games together. The system is easy to use, its a blast to play, and it brings your family together in a way never before thought possible. And for couples, its a great way to bring the two of you together and enjoy just playing together. All in all, I think that my Wii has already paid for itself in its bonding value with Ashley & I, and hope that other people too will find its value so great as well.

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