05 November 2008

My 2008 Election Selections Part 2

After going through some of the news this morning, I've found a few things that I thought were very interesting surrounding Prop 8. As mentioned above, I voted No on Prop 8. Although at the end of the night it was looking like Prop 8 was going to pass, apparently the margin was still very close and with absentee ballots still left unaccounted for, the tides may change significantly. However, the thing that bothers me is an LA Times Online article that I stumbled across while reading some of the other news sites about the super-conservative nature of people in the Temecula and Murrieta Valley. As I drive through Temecula and Murrieta, the sights and sounds listed in the LA Times article are all-too-familiar - and aggrevating at that. I do admit that there are way too many churches within such a small area, the majority of which within the Temecula city limits. The sheer number of people demonstrating in favor of Prop 8 was indicative of the reason why there exists so many churches, as hundreds of people lined street corners during the week of the election, and even before that! But what worries me is the semi-violent nature of the people here. It reminds me of times in my history classes in school where we'd used to talk about how intolerant people were, and the mere fact that people were inherently unstable.
Just last night I was talking with Ashley about the whole situation, and how I considered putting "No on Prop 8" stickers on my car, but after reading the article, it was a really good thing I didn't. Who knows what kind of things would happen, but all I do know is that some people are such fanatics of certain politics that they will result in violence to get their way. Now, being a Catholic myself and all, I think it is quite hypocritical to resort to violence to get your way and still call yourself Christian. As I've always said about these towns: most people who live here are fakes. When push comes to shove, their true colors stand out and makes you wonder if they're just trying to live an unattainable dream.

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