01 November 2008

Halloween 2009

For the second time since I was about 8 years old, I dressed up for Halloween. Last year I briefly dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite (for all of like an hour before the hair and glasses annoyed the hell out of me). This year, I decided to go a little further. After surfing the net briefly earlier last month, I saw an advertisement on the sidebar of a page I was looking at for a Master Chief costume. Intrigued, I saw that the advertisement was for a $799 full-body Master Chief costume, and it looked awesome. Unfortunately, the price was a huge deterrent, but I did notice a related item which was actually another Master Chief costume that was a little less than 1/10th the price. So I got that one.
It was pretty cool. A little large for my 5' 7-8" frame (the legs were a little too long but the chest was a little snug because I'm a little short for how wide my shoulders are), it worked well. It came with a plastic helmet which was a little too large for me head (kept moving around), but after "modding" it, I managed to make it stay. Everything was pretty cool, but I did decide to make a small "mod" to it by putting a couple white LED flash lights on the sides of the helmet (like Master Chief's flashlight from Halo: CE).
Ashley was fabulous, as usual. She had a "Disco Dolly" costume, which was one-piece short skirt dress and a bandana with a crazy design and tons of shiny sequins. She decided to add a pair of white high-heel boots to her ensemble, which were an excellent addition and completed the outfit perfectly (wow, that makes me sound like a fashion designer).
During our outing trick-or-treating (we didn't trick-or-treat ourselves, but we were walking with her younger brother and sister and her sister's children who were), we were accompanied with my brother. Unfortunately, he was not dressed in full-costume, but did have a skull T-shirt and had colored his hair orange to celebrate the festivities. He did say that he wanted to dress up as a Wookie next year, which I think would be great since he's tall and knows how to do the whole Wookie sounds and all. Ashley's sister's son was dressed up as Yoda, which was perfect since he walked and waddled a bit just like Yoda had in the Star Wars movies.
We had a "grand 'ole time" walking around and hanging out talking and eating goodies afterwards. It was unfortunate that we ended up being really tired, but needless to say, I think a good time was had by all.

P.S. Sorry for the horrible 5-th grader style writing. I just wanted to quickly try to write everything so that I wouldn't forget later on and then never post it at all.

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