07 November 2008

The Computer Theory of Relativity

I got a new 16GB Kingston USB Thumbdrive today and my boss had purchased the same one as well. He was messing about with it and realized that the drive was formatted in FAT32, to which I walked over and told him that I had already tried transferring about 3.7 GBs of data onto the drive in an attempt to see how fast it transferred (which actually only took a little less than 10 minutes surprisingly). That made me realize something that I'm sure most of you have experienced: as drive transfer rates increase and the time it takes to transfer data of the same size decreases inversely. However as these transfer rates skyrocket and the times plummet, you suddenly will find yourself transferring gigantic chunks of data in comparison and continue to complain that the time it takes is still too long. I guess that's the reason manufacturers continue to try to increase the throughput of devices - to overcome that every increasing goal to make things faster as data sizes increase.
But the question I have is this: when did 1GB files become the norm versus the 1KB files of yesteryear?

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