15 November 2008

Bond. James Bond.

So Ashley, my brother Julian, and I all went and saw the new 007 movie Quantum of Solace yesterday evening, and after a few hiccups with getting into the theater, we found ourselves waist-deep in a James Bond movie so action packed, it puts Bruce Willis to shame. Now, I will not spoil anything about the movie for those who haven't yet seen - nay! experienced - this addition to the collection of Bond movies, so rest assured that you will remain as clueless about the movie as you are now.
Quantum of Solace takes place directly after Casino Royale, continuing the saga as Bond finds out who was responsible for Vesper's death. And within the first 5 minutes, you are treated to an epic car chase scene that will probably stand as the best chase scene in movie history. It is so incredible, so action-packed, you will ask whether or not they even limited themselves on the sheer scale of awesomeness that it was. But, that's enough of that.
As you can see, I thought Quantum of Solace was incredible. However, it is not for everyone especially for those who did not enjoy Casino Royale. The reason for this is the definite change in dynamic and character. In previous iterations, Bond always prevented global catastrophe by using his charm, wit, and hi-tech gadgetry. One thing many people noticed straight away was the fact that the new Bond was totally unlike the others: blond, blue-eyed, weathered. Another, slightly less noticiable fact, was the absence of Q (who was replaced by Sir John Cleese when the original Q, Desmond Llewelyn, passed away in the last Bond movies with Pierce Brosnan) and the awesome gadgetry. Yes, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are different movies - quite different indeed.
But why the change? Do we need the huge changes? Some may respond "what change?" and I am of that group. For quite some time, many believed that very little phases Bond emotionally, but Casino Royale & Quantum of Solace proves the humanity of Bond, and the stupid things love can make you do. Why change Bond's appearence, though? Because the Bonds before didn't have the war-torn look that is necessary for the current role - the effects of the stress of revenge.
Though it was a bit of a shock to see such huge changes in the Bond character, after 15 minutes, its as comfortable a change as a new pair of your favorite fluffy slippers. I highly recommend seeing Quantum of Solace, but don't go with your convictions that its going to be the James Bond you've come to know before Casino Royale. This Bond is a Bond who's snapped, and takes you for one hell of action-packed ride... and its so much fun!

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