04 October 2008

Where it all began

I ran across this article while checking my Facebook profile, finding an interesting article on Geeks Are Sexy that asked the basic questions "Do you remember your first computer? How did it change your life? Have you ever had one you loved too much to let go?" Needless to say, I felt compelled to contribute to the article's comments with my own experiences, and here is what I posted. Mind you, this doesn't include the video game systems I've had, but from the 400MHz system on, I still have every computer. I'm such a geek - but I love it!

My first was an Packard Bell 286. It ran a whole 16MHz (compared to my phone which has a 400MHz processor). Man, I remember the grand 'ole days of DOS and when Windows 3.11 was slow to boot. After that, I had a Compaq Presario with a 486SX running 33MHz with 32MBs of RAM and a 120MB hard drive (I overclocked it to 36 once, but it was unstable). After that, we jumped to a 200MHz PII custom-built rig with 128MBs of RAM and an 8GB hard drive. Since then we've had a conglomeration of computers (over 5 which, with the exception of 1, are still working and used today), of which I was given for school a 2.66GHz P4 laptop with 512MB RAM and 60GB hard drive and I bought recently a Lenovo X41 Tablet (1.66GHz with 1GB RAM and 60GB hard drive) - both of which I still use today. Man, those were the days!

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