29 August 2008

Yes, More Political Commentary

As if us Americans haven't already had their fill of mudslinging, I just got news this morning (via Twitter, of course, since the news is so slow to coming out with information in comparison, but I did confirm it with MSNBC) that McCain, the anti-Christ of politics, chose Alaskan governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Needless to say, though, I am proud that a woman has finally been chosen to be the potential Vice President, as I am completely supportive of women's rights for office (especially since as of late those female leaders in other countries have performed quite admirably, including Palin, apparently). However, being a fair and unbiased person (yeah, right), I find that McCain's move was not about women's right's advancement, but rather purely political motive.
In my humble opinion, McCain is the typical jerk who will use a woman to get to his goal, disregarding that what he is doing is alienating the woman herself. Like men with "trophy wives," they could care less about the woman as long as it gets them what they want. And, apparently, McCain's shift now is to try to swing the votes of the female Democrats who originally wanted Hillary as Presidential candidate and were disappointed and feeling completely left out when Obama didn't select her even as VP. It is a very cheap political shot, pretty much the only one McCain has left, and encourages voters to vote for a candidate based on their agenda (in this case, for feminists, it would be voting for McCain just to get a woman in Office), not necessarily for what is right.
Now, don't think that I am encouraging the vote for Obama since I completely support the ideas of free choice, but in the recent climate, Republicans have been using dirty tricks and restrictive policies designed to take free choice away in some way or another. Granted, Democrats do too, but to a degree where only those things that would harm another person's livelihood. This political move, in essence, has taken that free choice away from voters, since now McCain is attempting to dangle a carrot in front of those who want to see a female in Office, despite the fact that her presence will be very much like our current VP Mr. Cheney, who you never hear of and does very little (apparently). Sure, this pushes it one step closer for Palin to become President should she so choose if McCain is elected and it is now her turn to step up, but will it really help considering she is now his "trophy?" I think not, and I think that this is just another dirty Republican trick designed to control our votes by attempting to sway our normal tendencies to those which ally with our sometimes unreasonable desires.
So, in essence, what I am saying to our voters is this: don't fall for cheap political tricks. Choose who you feel is right, regardless of who is Vice President, the way it should be.

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