14 August 2008

Sean Recommends... Part II

Sean Recommends is a new featurette here that I hope to help introduce, or even point people, to some of the best things I've found, whether it be food, music, movies and TV shows, sites, etc. All items linked are in no way endorsed or affiliated with this site in any way.

Continuing on in my foray into cool new things, I've got a new list of things that I think that everybody should check out:

  • Remember The Milk: A super-cool online To-do list, Remember The Milk is a neat way of keeping yourself organized, especially when working with tasks that have associated websites, locations, or even tasks that are shared with other people. I've been using it for a while now on both my phone and on the web and it has been an invaluable tool to keep myself organized. I highly recommend checking this site out if you're like me and need a bit of organization in your To-do lists.
  • Google Reader: Forget those ridiculous RSS programs that you have to install onto your computer and can only access your news feeds from that system. Use Google's own RSS reader to keep up on the news on your phone or computer, and be able to share items via email, special "friends lists" or even publicly. "Starring" items is even available so that you can review items later! Very handy!
  • EZTV: If you're like me and don't have a DVR (TIVO) but aren't even home enough to see having a cable/satellite subscription and a DVR worth while, check this site out. If you know anything about BitTorrent, this site can help you download various television shows that have aired recently so you can watch them whenever you want. Its very convienent, especially what with the 2008 Summer Olympics being aired at odd times (odd at least for me).
  • Drop.io: Pronounced "drop-e-o", this site allows you to create web spaces called "drops" and allows you to upload files there for access by other people or even just by yourself. What is also great about this service, besides it being free, is that you can set passwords, expirations, and even deliver the various content you'll be putting into your drop using different means, like through email, fax, or even calling in using your phone! Its actually quite useful, especially if you are like me and want to one day start a podcast and need a way to record the conversations using just your cell phone. Definitely worth a look-see!

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