06 August 2008

My 15 Seconds of Fame by Proxy

Yesterday, I received an email in my inbox regarding a recent newsletter publication that mentioned a product that the company that I work for developed - S4i DASD-Plus Chart, a companion product to our S4i DASD-Plus. In fact, when I was hired, I took on the Chart product as my first project and worked through the already-present code, cleaning it up, adding features and customizations, bug fixes, and making the product, in overall, much simpler to use than its predecessor versions. Although the article does not directly mention my name, it does focus on the projects changes, of which I am proud to say I made available. So, in essence, acknowledgement of my work was made by association. My 15 seconds of fame by proxy, if you will.
Needless to say, I am very proud that it has been well-received, and although I feel there is still a lot to do with it, my current project has taken my focus. When my current project is finished, I hope that it is well-received as well, as it is the first project that I've worked on that was built nearly from the ground up (not all of it, but a good 95% of the work I've done on it I've done all myself). We will have to see how things go...

Update 8/7/08: It looks like S4i DASD-Plus Chart was featured in another article! Woohoo!
Update 8/13/08: Hey, another newsletter published info about the project! Cool!

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AJ said...

Wow Sean that is absolutely awesome. It's good to know that something you worked on is getting recognition. I bet it has to be one of the best feelings in the world.

Can I have a license? j/p =P