05 August 2008


In yet another wonderful post about Apple's latest failures to meet the demand that they create with their incessant hype, Apple has once again had an epic fail for their mobileME service. For those of you who don't know what mobileME was supposed to be, it was touted as a replacement for their .MAC service, and allow you to access email, pictures, contacts, calendar, etc. from anywhere on either a desktop computer or the iPhone. Moreover, it was supposed to automatically sync changed resources across the platforms at near-realtime. Unfortantely for Apple, they have forgotten that multi-access, real-time resource syncronization of various types of resources, particularly of "binary type" (pictures, music, other media, but documents, notes, calendar entries, tasks, etc are not binary type for the most part), is no small feat, requiring conflict resolution, resource locking, and a number of tricks to ensure no data is lost and only the most current data is available. Apple is new to the game and attempted to directly compete with Microsoft's Exchange services, but like any novice who blows up their ego and thinks they can do the same or better than someone who's been doing something for years, they'll inevitably be slapped in the face and told "I told you so!"

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