21 August 2008

The Craziness That Was This Past Week

Well, last week has been pretty hectic for me, and with all the things going on this week, I haven't really had time to explain when this Twitter post meant. So why don't we settle down and let me explain...
Last week, Ashley's older sister, Aubrey, managed to make it out from her home in Alabama to visit her biological father (Ashley's father) and the rest of her family here in California. Apparently it was a long time coming, as Aubrey hadn't come back to California in the last 4 years. And in that 4 years, a whole heck of a lot happened - Amber, Ashley's oldest sister, had two kids, Ashley had graduated high school, and even Aubrey had a son of her own, for instance. Well, while she was visiting, Ashley and her family were out-and-about throughout SoCal, visiting family, enjoying the summer, going to the beach... things like that. Well, meanwhile, Ashley requested that I stay at her house for the week, so it would definitely be a family thing that she would definitely remember. I of course obliged and I found myself going from place to place. What made things more difficult is that the day before Aubrey arrived, Ashley, my brother and his friend, and I all went to Six Flags and did not return until about 1:30 in the morning, and since we had to wake up early to pick Aubrey up from Ontario airport, both she and I were extremely exhausted, compounded only by the fact that I had work all week.
Well, as the week wore on into the weekend, I found myself with a lot to do. Saturday was my mother's birthday, so me, my family, my grandparents and one of my aunts and her daughter all went out that day and spent time in San Diego, particularly enjoying ourselves on Coronado island. I didn't end up getting home until about 11:30 that evening, and even then I stay up drinking and socializing with Ashley's sisters and her family as we were having a small get together at her house. On Sunday, I drove out to Anaheim to meet with my uncle so that we could work on replacing the brakes and rotors on my car, only to find that I didn't need to replace the pads (though I did replace the front rotors) and found ourselves running into problems with my rear drum brakes.
Apparently the brake shoes that I bought for my car were too thick for the drums of my car and the drum got stuck - on both sides of my car, causing the wheels to fail to rotate. This caused all sorts of issues as it he had a really tough time trying to remove the drums so that we could put the old shoes back on (which suprisingly were still good as well). Eventually we had gotten everything back on and working properly, but it was by this time about 8 in the evening and the sun had already gone down. We were expecting to have the brakes done in about 2 hours, but instead we worked from about 11:30 in the morning until 8, and were quite disappointed when we couldn't play with our R/C as we had originally planned. Moreover, I felt really bad because I had promised that I would be home in time to see Aubrey off before she left to the airport, but unfortunately, being that I was restricted to driving the speed of the freeway, I didn't make it in time and she had already left. To this day, I still don't forgive myself, but at least I did speak to her and wished her well over the phone while I battled traffic.
Since then, I've been going to work, trying to push through as much as I could before school starts next Monday, and have been preoccupied with other chores that have been delayed as a result of all the craziness over the past week. Hopefully this weekend proves to be more relaxing than last week, but that is still yet to be seen. We'll see...

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