21 July 2008

Revisited Again: The iPhone 3G Argument

As a proud owner of the Windows Mobile-based HTC-branded TyTN II (also known as the HTC Kaiser), I came across yet another nice breakdown of all the advantages of having the TyTN II (AT&T bills it as the AT&T Tilt, due to its tilting screen when you slide the keyboard out) on TiltSite.com, a homepage for HTC TyTN II/AT&T Tilt and other Windows Mobile-based device enthusiasts. Now, to be fair, the breakdown is quite simple, mainly focusing on pure hardware comparisons between the iPhone and the TyTN II/Tilt, but I hope that people start to see that Apple's "second coming" is nothing but hype and has been left in the dust by the already more powerful (and slightly older, mind you) HTC TyTN line of devices.As you can tell, my arguments about the new iPhone will persist because, though some of the engineering ideas presented by the iPhone are useful, the overall technological "newness" of both the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G are actually quite weak and really not new at all.

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