08 July 2008

The Payne is Engaged: 1 Year Later

Wow, its already been a year (and a day, I know) since that momentous day when Ashley said "Yes" to the question that I popped from within a fortune cookie. Although not much was done in celebration of this anniversary day, it gave us a chance to be together after work and enjoy each other's company, and I did bring her a dozen long-stem roses to commemorate the day which she accepted with a beautiful smile. As we talked, we both realized that it certainly didn't feel like a year had gone by, but one thing was certain: even though we may have gotten into our share of pretty bad arguments, our love for each other is just as strong, if not stronger, as it has ever been.
In this timespan, though, we've been planning our wedding, figuring out who, what and where, but especially how and when. The answer to the when question was something quite vague as we mentioned to everybody who was interested that it will be "in the next couple years, hopefully," but the reasoning for this vagueness is because of how our approach to the how will be. We have, in passing, chosen a location though have not gone to visit it and inspect it in more detail, and we are gaining more ground in what we want in it as well as who will be attending, but the truth of the matter is the "how are we going to afford this?" question consistently pops up and limits our options. As nearly all married couples already know, it can be expensive, depending on what is done, but like most couples, we want it to be special and definitely something we would remember for the rest of our lives, as well as our guests'.
The both of us agree that trying to rush plans is not going to help us be happy with our wedding for the rest of our lives, so we've gone the approach of casually working on figuring out what we both want, encouraging each other to help decide on all the things we want. Its a little slower, but we're having fun with it, especially with the stress of trying to meet a deadline nonexistant. Granted, it may not seem like much has been done in the past year to prepare, but some of the most important problems have been solved and a few remain. Time will only tell when we are finally ready, but rest assured, it will be fantastic day had by all.

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